Crusty Demons Credits

Development Team

Executive ProducersKarl D. Jeffery, Simon Gardner
Art DirectorJames Brace
Technical DirectorChris Keegan
Design DirectorDamian Hosen
Senior ProducerMark Simmons
ProducerGary Burchell
Lead ProgrammerBen Potton
ProgrammersRudi Perilli, Peter Roberts, David Llewellyn, Lizi Attwood, Tony Mack, Mark Wilson, Kyle Wickens, Steve Legg, Paul Grenfell, Danny Chapman, Andy Earle, Kostas Kostiadis, Ian Hawkins, Will Baker, Dave Owens, Mark Lyhane
Lead ArtistGlenn Brace
Senior ArtistNeale Williams
Senior Character ArtistKevin Martin
Character ArtistVanessa Wells
Level ArtistsMichael Smith, Santiago Gutiérrez Cortés, Saul Marchese, Thor Hayton, Pete Maton, Paul Jasicki, Paul Evans
Additional ArtChris Gregory, Jim Manning, Richard Beech, Julio Garcia Romon
AnimatorsDuncan Skertchly, Nick Hodgson, Jim Watmough
Front End ArtistMarcus Burden
Lead DesignerSam Barlow
DesignersMark Diggles, Nana Louise Nielsen, Don Kirkland, Doug Townsley, Bill Green, Shaun Smith
Sound DesignerMatthew Simmonds, Tom Colvin
Lead TesterBarry Martin
TestersRussell Linn, Stuart Thomson, Rob Shread, Adam Naylor, Allen Frank, James Parham, Sameer Malik
Voice DirectorMartin T. Sherman
Special ThanksMatthew James Cooper, Kate Wright, Quinton B. Love, Paul Christey, Jim Clews, Graham Archer
Personal ThanksLouise Booker, Pebbles, Sarah Wells, Niki, Laura O'Brien, Sofia Lewis, Anne Martin, Ethan Martin, Bethany Martin, Hairy Fairy, Chrissie Davies, Toby One, Katie Tunesi, Ang, Nicola Burden (+ Bump), Philip Roberts, Lynne Roberts


"Get Outta Town"Danko Jones (Performed by/Written by), [c] 2002 Copyright Control, Courtesy of Danko Jones Records / Universal Music Canada / Bad Taste Records / Razor & Tie
"Turn You Out"Performed by Bionic, Written by Bionic, [c] 2004 Copyright Control, Courtesy of Sound King Records / Thorp Records
"Cold War"Performed by Death From Above 1979, Sebastien Grainger (Written by), Jesse Frederick Keeler (Written by), [c] 2004 Copyright Control, Courtesy of Last Gang Records
"Bad Timing"Performed by No Warning, Zach Amster (Written by), Ben Cook (Written by), Matt DeLong (Written by), Jesse Labovitz (Written by), Greig A. Nori (Written by), Jordan Posner (Written by), Published by Nettwerk One Music [Canada] Ltd.; Zomba Music Publishing; Dirty Originals; Sick In A Crowd Music; Wolf Blood Music; Junkyard's and Joint's Publishing; Fast & Loose Music, Courtesy of Bunk Rock Productions / Sony BMG Music [Canada] Inc. / Machine Shop Recordings / Warner Bros. Records, [c] 2004 Copyright Control
"Pacafist"Performed by Tallman, Paul Agricola (Written by), Andrew Lauzon (Written by), Jay Toner (Written by), Rick Welbanks (Written by), [c] 2002 Copyright Control, Courtesy of Aperture Music / Kindling Music
"Penetration"Performed by The MiGs, Steve Leonard (Written by), [c] 2004 Copyright Control
"National Lust"Performed by Drunk Horse, Written by Drunk Horse, [c] 2004 Copyright Control
"On Da Block"Performed by Mota Mouth Jones, Christopher Jones, [c] 2004 Copyright Control
"All Day"Performed by Vizualante, Carlton Turner (Written by), [c] 2004 Copyright Control
"Just Alive"Performed by Kingbrand Valium, Written by Kingbrand Valium, [c] 2004 Copyright Control
"One Last Breath"Performed by Threat Signal, Kyle McKnight (Written by), Jon Howard (Written by), [c] 2004 Copyright Control
"Gotta Wanna"Performed by The Full Nine, Written by Langhans; Dunlop; DeMatteo, Publishers [Copyright Control/Big Blossom Music; Socan/BMI], Courtesy of Disney/Hollywood/Mammoth Records

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Barry Martin, 15 other games
James Parham, 15 other games
Nick Hodgson, 15 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65892)