Cyclone Circus: Power Sail Racing Credits

Playlogic Games International presents Cyclone Circus

Produced byAnn Holvoet
Executive ProducerRogier W. Smit
Game Concept DesignPlaylogic Team
Art DirectorNeville Marcinkowski
Game DesignerArd Bonewald
Lead ProgrammerJeroen Krebbers
Project ManagementKarine De Coster
ArtistsAlejandro Gasch Kühne, Alexandra Mores, Christiaan van den Bosch, Ferry van Roozendaal, Hans Zantman, Marcel du Long, Maurice Camps, Michael Perdieus, Mike Ptacek, Niels Jansson, Peter van Dranen, Robin Gielis, Tunc Olcer, Yves Sommermeyer
DevelopersCyrille Wagner, Steve Guns, Jochen Derwae, Tom van Dijck, Steven Tomlinson, Gino van den Bergen, Tony Stoddart, François Perrin
Music / SoundtrackRobin Morssink
SoundeffectsMike van Dalm
Voice ArtGame Voices UK
Outsourced Animations / CompositingGrid
TestersKoen Van Mierlo, Ard Bonewald

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (193859)