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Game Vortex (Feb 02, 2008)
Overall, Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition is a decent edition to the DDR family. Given the smaller song list, I'm not sure it's worth the same price as the previous versions, but it is nice knowing that I have something that kids can play and I don't have to worry about what they're listening to. If you're a huge fan of the Disney songs or if you want kid friendly songs, I would recommend it. Otherwise, you'll probably be happier with one of the older versions.
Cheat Code Central (Jan 09, 2008)
As far as different modes are concerned, Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition again hits a pretty standard note, and has a free play mode, an exercise mode, and a level editor mode. There's also an advanced mode which has four different "advanced" ways to play: course, endless, combo challenge, and survival. The only mode here that is relatively unique is Magic Mode, which is set up to give the player harder and harder music sets to play through in order to get new characters to unlock. And while Magic Mode isn't terribly new or inventive, it's one of the facets of this game that make it stand out as a Disney-specific title, so it bears mentioning.
GameDaily (Jan 31, 2008)
Long-time fans of the series may consider stepping aside from the Disney Channel Edition, if only because the game will seem half-baked compared to other games in the franchise. However, seeing as how this game is built specifically for younger audiences and fans of the cable network, they'll like what they find. The various modes, familiar characters and energetic gameplay are strong enough to overcome any obstacle - even the That's So Raven theme song.
GameZone (Feb 07, 2008)
It seems as if Konami is avoiding innovation and focusing on attaching licenses to the DDR franchise. Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition isn’t for everyone since the songs are targeted for the younger generation. If you don’t know who the Cheetah Girls are, then you may want to skip out on this DDR title.
IGN (Jan 14, 2008)
Even though Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Edition outperforms its latest predecessor -- DDR SuperNova 2 -- by offering a training mode, it still falls short of the traditional DDR standard in terms of song selection, online play and visual flair. It's not a bad game -- jumping around the mat and trying to pull off insane combos is as fun as ever -- but the product is clearly a DDR starter pack. That isn't a bad thing but charging as much as a full-fledged, tricked-out DDR is.
Da Gameboyz (Jan 25, 2008)
Clearly, the DDR franchise is trying to capitalize on the some of the biggest power house movies and TV shows that the Disney Channel has to offer and for DDR and Disney Channel fans alike, the Disney Channel Edition for the PS2 will likely be a great game for you to pick-up. However, this game targets a select audience and DDR fans should not expect anything particularly innovative. Simply put, don’t expect DDR Disney Channel Edition to take the series to the next level as this feels like a buffer until the next true sequel to the franchise arrives.
Gaming Age (Jan 30, 2008)
If you have a youngster looking to get into the groove of DDR, then this could be a great place to start. The theme is right up there alley, the levels get progressively harder so they will be able to challenge veteran players in the future, but with only 40 songs, you may find yourself getting another version of the game after a couple months.
Game Shark (Jan 23, 2008)
Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition fails to meet expectations. With poor cover songs, a limited song selection, horrible graphics and a lack of online play, the game doesn’t really have much going for it. Even the kids preferred the original DDR SuperNova to this game - a major disappointment.