Written by  :  MAT (179127)
Written on  :  Nov 28, 2004
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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You can forget about Payne now

The Good

Needless to say, I got addicted to multiple games developed by Namco recently, and they were each in a different genre, with different gameplay, and equally addictive to the very end. Dead to Rights is one of those titles I though shouldn't be much different from Max Payne or a very disappointing True Crime, so I didn't bother to get it until it was really a bargain. But when I did, I was surprised at my bad judgment and delay of getting that game due to reconciliation with my mind and at first glance bad graphics I thought it serves.

Well, Jack Slate will give you one helluva ride through the action flick of the year, alright. Those moves you'll encounter in this game I can't say I've ever seen, not even in games such as Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell. The mayhem you do with tons and tons of enemies roughly resembles Rambo II movie, only multiply the enemy number by ten. Odds are never to your favour, yet you manage to stay alive... plus this game has an easy level, which makes me wonder how hard one may be like and if playtesters for this game actually finished it on that one.

Another great thing this game brings is tons of pre-rendered cinematic which is always a pleasure to see as the story progresses, though aside from brilliant intro cinematic, others will look a bit less detailed, but will be plenty to see since this game is quite a long one no matter what the clock timer will say about your finishing time. It does have a regular slow-motion like Max Payne, and you can use it during jumping scenes or while disarming your opponent, but that's rarely a fun in this game, it as a lot more to enjoy in. You can easily grab an enemy character and use him as a shield (I don't recall that ever being done so easily, not even MGS games did as masterful as they promised), you can send you dog to attack the enemies and bring you back their weapons, you can disarm almost anyone (except bosses) with a variable and pretty amazing martial arts, which then follows by terminating the poor fella. Yes, you don't leave anyone alive, not even the one who served you as a shield, you can just knock him in the head like Fisher does in Splinter Cell, you put a bullet through his head instead. But hey, they wouldn't think twice to do the same, afterall, you'll serve a jail time for all the trouble they've caused you.

There are two types of action in this game, fighting time, and shooting time. Needless to say, first one is more addictive than reckless shooting, and you can make up to four combo kicks with hand or legs, plus throwing. Also, you can combine hand and legworks to achieve different punches. All in all, it's fast paced non-stop action in this game and you don't rest for a second. Plus, you don't want to rest, driven by vengeance, you want to get to the bottom of all this... and alas, you'll figure that whomever you trust, you'll pull the shortest straw, so plot will get its juice out of it. Although game may strike you as repetitive, the places vary all the time, though due to longevity it may feel repetitive.

The Bad

A pleasant surprise from Namco, and a definite relaxation from the games such as Max Payne and True Crime. This game's only minus may lay in the graphics, but seeing it being older, and gaining on the speed, I'd say everything's pretty much in its place.

The Bottom Line

This of a Max Payne with a speed of BloodRayne, and a whole set of cool moves that can match DOA series, and you'll get a glimpse at what this game looks like. It has a cliché story but enough to keep you wondering at some points, it has tons of fast paced action, both with martial arts and firearms, it has interesting boss battles you must think through, and it has tons of pre-rendered cutscenes to tell a tale. Oh yeah, and there's a neat striptease scene where you must dance correctly and as tempting to distract the guards, now that wasn't seen since... Anachronox, lol, yeah right.