Dead to Rights Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Namco logo from the opening cinematic
Intro showing another badguy, and just another day on your job
Stalemate... until the clock strikes 00:00 and all goes kaboom
Main title from the opening cinematic
Main Menu
The game starts with a regular call to investigate the suspicious activities at some warehouse
During your first mission, help will be provided until you learn how to handle yourself
Using container as a cover against armed workers
Hotwiring a bulldozer, first time without any time-limit
Using one of your foes as a shield against enemy fire
Alright, a shotgun! You can collect weapons some enemies may drop
Sometimes, though very rarely, you'll control your husky to go where you cannot
Depending on cursor color (red/yellow/green), your shot will be more or less deadly and precise
Using your enemy as a shield may prove effective, but leaves you only one hand for shooting
Jack has friends at most interesting places
You got a dance striptease as tempting as possible to allow Jack to slip by unnoticed
Prisons aren't what they used to be, you can explore them quite freely
Taking on Tattoo and his men to steal the getaway map
This reporter couldn't've come in better time, just to prevent Jack getting a payback from the guards
Red alert is active, and it's time to get past some guards... well noticed
Giving some first-person covering fire from a chopper
Quickly press X and circle to hold your breath until the time runs out
You can bring Jack closer to the camera... looky, is that a graphic glitch or does he really have a scar
Fighting the special forces is harder as they all wear armour, so you may want to employ your martial arts skills
You can also call your dog to attack the enemy, in which case he'll bring you back the victim's weapon as well
One of the boss battles in a cargo plane... if he keeps up with this fire, he'll melt all the gold around as well