Advertising Blurbs

Back of Case (UK):
    Enter the toughest combat tournament
    on Earth as one of six lethal fighters.
    Using a mixture of powerful martial
    arts techniques, swordplay and good
    old-fashioned hot lead you must battle
    through the beautiful scenery of the
    Shogun's Island. Defeat hundreds of the
    enemy's evil minions in your struggle
    to reach his castle and claim victory
    over the other contestants.

    All the entrants have their own personal
    reasons for taking part. Can you take your
    chosen character to ultimate victory in the
    deadliest fighting tournament on earth?

    • Compete in a lethal tournament
      over 6 huge stages.
    • Two player co-op game.
    • 6 characters to master, each with
      different melee weapons, guns and
      hand-to-hand techniques.
    • The "Kill" combo system helps develop
      your characters abilities and unlocks
      new game features.
    • Keep your character alive as long as
      possible in 'Survival' or play through
      the game as an enemy character in
      'Extra' mode.

    Contributed by UkCollector (2480) on Sep 15, 2010.