Death by Degrees Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Main menu
Nina Williams fighting in a tournament to the death.
Green circles are save spots, but first you need to find them using your radar.
Exploring the boiler room.
Use shafts to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.
He's lucky they're part of the same team.
When Nina starts kicking, enemies start flying.
Kick from the back always takes more health than frontal assault.
When enemies come shielded, a shotgun may prove useful.
Enemies will randomly leave various items you can use to heal or enhance your abilities.
Checking your mission log.
The map may prove helpful when you need to know where to go next.
Close combat offers multitude of various moves Nina can move, most of them require bone breaking.
Certain moves show an x-ray of the enemy's body figure.
Unlike in majority of games, Nina cannot just quickly slide down the ladder.
Locked green boxes usually hold weapons and upgrades, but require solution to the puzzle in order to be opened.
You can scan for prints of dead bodies which can serve you to open certain lockers or door.
Thanks to the print in your database, you can unlock various doors.
Sneaking behind for a silent kill, you mustn't run or you'll be spotted.
Hold the grabbing button to perform neck-breaking move after silent approach from behind.
Using batons against the guards.
A big blade is too powerful as a weapon to waste it on regular class enemies.
At the captain's office
Laser beams turn on and off in a pattern, but one wrong move will kill you.
Rail-gun is the most powerful weapon against the cyborgs, one shot can mean multiple kills.
In front of the ship's bar, with kitchen just behind it.
This cruiser is big enough to lose your way without a map.
When diving, the camera will automatically switch to 1st-person view.
Time for some weapon restocking.

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  • Death by Degrees Screenshot
  • Death by Degrees Screenshot
  • Death by Degrees Screenshot
  • Death by Degrees Screenshot
  • Death by Degrees Screenshot