Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Team Sabre (PlayStation 2)

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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Team Sabre Credits

Developed by Rebellion

CEOJason Kingsley
CTOChris Kingsley
Head of ProductionMichael Burnham
Head of ProgrammingKevin Floyer-Lea
Senior ProducerPaul Johnson
ProducerChris Jones
Lead ArtistAndrew McCann
Project Lead ArtistPaul C. Wright
Art TeamAlex Birtles, Martin Carter, Joseph Gelder, Pete Royle, Sam Kent-Smith, Richard Whitelock, Barnaby Zoeller
AnimationMark Bradshaw, Diarmaid O'Connor
Project Lead DesignerBen Moss
Design TeamRichard Jones, Daz Timms, Barnaby Zoeller
Multiplayer DesignJoseph Gelder, Barnaby Zoeller
Lead ProgrammerAndrew McMaster
Project Lead ProgrammerCraig Mitchell
Programming TeamCraig Beeston, Aubrey Murray, Andy Eder, Mark Dieterman, Jake Turner
Asura Engine Programming TeamKevin Floyer-Lea, Mike Healey, Duncan Hopkins, Morgan Parry, Vassilis Poulopoulos, Dave Reed, Richard Rice, Jake Turner
Audio LeadTom Bible
AudioJohn Cleasby
Intro VideoIan Smith
Quality Assurance ManagerIan Tuttle
Quality AssuranceNick Brewer, Pawel Goleniewski, Tim Hall, Glenn Harris
Network AdministratorDavid Whiteside
Additional Thanks toDouglas Binks, David Reynolds, Ed Duerr, Dan Thomas, Jenson

Created by Novalogic Inc.

Executive ProducerJohn A. Garcia
ProducerAndrew Kipling
Co‑ProducerJordan Blackman
Production AssistantNatascha Thomas
Director of DevelopmentHenrik Markarian
NovaWorld ManagerSteve Merkel
NovaWorld System OperatorTodd Dang
Creative Services ManagerUlises Gerardo
Copy WriterJonathan Knell
Manager of Network OperationsGlenn Kronick
Computer MaintenanceDavid Holder
QA ManagerSean Manzano
Quality AssuranceDan Bare, Michael Harling, Aaron Justman, Mario Sanchez, Greg Schiestl, Han Tsay, Tony White
Additional Dialog Recording, Editing and ProcessingEight Ball Sound Inc., Caron Weidner
Additional Dialog DirectionAndrew Kipling
Additional Voice TalentJack Aubree, Chris Tamburrino, Christopher Snell
Original MusicZak Belica, Russell Brower
Original Voice TalentJack Aubree, Zak Belica, Dak Babone, Russell Brower, Aziz D'Jamily, Dan Woren, Paul M. Fox, Christopher Snell, Mike Stanley, Terrence Stone, Chris Tamburrino, Dylan Tully
Technical Support ManagerSean Manzano
Technical SupportMichael Harling, Mario Sanchez, Han Tsay
ConsultingDavid Durand, Silvana Greenfield
Subject Matter ExpertsLee Van Arsdale, Chris Nicholls
Novalogic, Inc. would like to thankLee Milligan, Gregg Southard, Yvonne Khouw, Vince McDermot, Brent Houston, Chris Tamburrino, Alain Corre, Thomas Mir, Déborah Papiernik, Étienne Tardieu, Max von Knorring, John Carney, and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation
Localization by Babel MediaBen Wibberley, Sergio Massabò
GamespyLeif Klokkevold, Joost Schuur, Scott Horwath

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