Written by  :  ellen feig (3)
Written on  :  Oct 21, 2005
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
Rating  :  4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars

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Humourous take on the 1950 obsession with aliens

The Good

This Playstation 2 game is a sexually charged and funny look at the American heartland obsession with alien life force. The aliens have landed in a small western town where they clearly intend on destroying all humanity. The aliens are able to scan the minds of humans and animals and extract information as they vaporize same. The ability to "holobob" or transform into another being is a fun and interesting way to get through the levels of the game. Boxes on the top of the screen show whether or not townsfolk agree or not with the holobobed alien - checks or x's indicate if your mission has failed. The weaponry in the game is excellent with the zap-o-matic a useful tool to upgrade. The ion detonator rocks except for the fact that is has a low ammunition- blast radius should be expanded. Death ray needs to be more powerful. Extraction of brain DNA and purchase of powerful upgrades is excellent. The graphics are good, although not great (in keeping with the feel of the 50s science fiction films).

The Bad

You can't have more than one alien at a time which makes it difficult to play with more than one person. There is not alot of psychic power. The fact that Majestic can catch you in holobob mode is a terrible aspect of the game.

The Bottom Line

The game is a funny take on the science fiction genre with goofy looking aliens and small town characters. While the game is rated T it really should be rated M for mature audiences due to explicit sexual content and violence (there is a portion where a young woman is "humping" the air).