Written by  :  Oblio (108)
Written on  :  Aug 24, 2006
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
Rating  :  4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars

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What a fun kickass game!

The Good

I loved everything about this game. What a great twist! You get to play the alien! What a whole bunch of fun!

The visuals were outstanding, with great detail even while flying around in the ship. You felt a rush of Godlike omnipotence as the little human bugs scurried about in a panic, hoping and praying to their God that they wouldn't be vaporized! *whew*

The game is very, very comical with it's running commentary, not only from Crypto the main character, but from EVERYONE else you encounter. They all have hilarious lines as you probe their minds and read their thoughts! In fact the makers of the game even had a contest while making the game. Fans were asked to submit "thoughts" to use in the game and winners got finished copies and other swag like posters, caps, tees etc.

The game play is lots and lots of fun as you land you must execute various tasks to move the game forward, getting powers and upgrades to you, your ship and your weapons. What crazy sob came up with these weapons? Hilarious! An anal probe? A antigravity beam, etc. etc. You can have a ton of fun "probing" hillbilly farmers or city folk. You can actually pull peoples brains (with spinal cords ) out of their bodies for DNA points. It even has a weird wet zipping sound while it happens! The world is huge, it's not totally limitless, as there are those "walls" but they are so far away you really feel tired running around from one end to the other! And in this HUGE world you can pretty much interact with everything and everyone! You can't enter buildings or vehicles, but that isn't important to the game. Besides, the action is doing stuff to the humans!

The other part of the gameplay is flying around in your ship and that is pure destructive FUN! Using various weapons you can utterly destroy everything in your path! You can lift cars, trucks, tanks, debris and people with your tractor beam and fling them about at will. You can fry building, vehicles and people with your ray gun. There are countless ways to cause havoc and chaos, and it gets better with every upgrade!

But even this wanton destruction could become boring if not for the story and gameplay. You have to progress through the game and increasingly difficult tasks in order to achieve upgrades and further your objective. Surprisingly, after talking about all that destruction, you wouldn’t think that there is an element of stealth and espionage woven into this game, but believe it or not there is!

You must obtain files, or other objects, without being discovered. How do you, a butt ugly alien do this, you ask? Through hypnosis, disguise and stealth. This rounds out this game and gives the player some great targets to try and achieve. Believe it, they aren’t a walk in the park either. You are only seconds away from being discovered at any moment!

If you do, all Hell breaks loose and you must retreat and regroup before the alert level reaches the group known as “Majestic”, the secret “men in black” who are aware of your arrival on Earth, and always ready to come after you, in force with better weapons than the cops or even the army!

Each landing area also has bonus timed "mini" quests, like killing x number of cows in x minutes.

There is lots to do, lots of fun and lots and lots of brains to control or yank out!

The Bad

With all large, open ended games the tasks can become tedious and boring. When you are looking for that last item to complete the given task, it gets really frustrating trying to find it, and continually going under cover etc. to do so.

Some of the tasks are VERY VERY difficult, and not fully explained. It takes quite a lot of trial and error to get it right. And if your stuck on a level, waiting to get on to the next, it gets really repetitious.

The Bottom Line

An original, wham bam fun game! Lots to do, lots to find and explore and......DESTROY! It's not just a smash game, there is a point which makes it all worth while! A very very fun game, with great graphics, sound and superb voice acting! Minimal gore, some minor adult comments and ideas, but no swearing etc.. The gameplay required is best suited to 10+.