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Destruction Derby Arenas (PlayStation 2)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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5 point score based on user ratings.

Destruction Derby Arenas Credits

Studio 33 (UK) Ltd

CEOJohn White
ProgrammersNick Koufou, Tom Shepherd, Daniel Treble, Phil Hilliard, Shaun Morris, John White, Joe Kemp, Nick Edwards, Paul Hudak, Nadia Ankrah, Barry Fitzgerald, Nick Metcalfe, Richard Bloor
ArtistsJohn Carter, Jeremy Ramsay, David Glanister, Ian Hall, Lee Wagner, Dominic Giles, Dave Newhouse, Mathew Spaull, Stuart Walls, Mathew Wilkins, Andrew Dolan, Nick Hinton
Special ThanksDarrell Gallagher, Chris Carty, Richard John Yandle, Anastasios Brakis, Jim Chamouratidis, Vag Livaditis, Tom Fields, Stuart Lee, Simon Cox, Paul Holders, Fraser McLachlan, Eric Cheung, Nick Burcombe, Brett King, Sandra Connor, Val Reekie

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

ProducerGreg Duddle
Product ManagerToby Morrish
Senior ProducerJohn Meegan
PR ManagerStuart Turner
Software Marketing ManagerMark Hardy
Vice-President of Software MarketingSimon Rutter
New Release ManagerLauren Barry
Software Development ManagerKevin McSherry
Vice-President of External DevelopmentMichael Denny
Executive Vice President of DevelopmentPhil Harrison
Business AffairsCarolina Pittol
Rally Support GroupJohn McLaughlin, Mark O'Connor
Manual and Packaging TextRussell Coburn
Manual and Packaging DesignAaron Rudd
Manual ApprovalAndrew Kennington
Print ProductionDavid Pegg
Video ProductionPerelandre Blanche, Jeff Culshaw
QA ManagerGeoff Rens
Internal QA ManagerDavid Perkinson
Internal QA SupervisorGareth Spencer
Internal Lead TesterStephen Allen
Internal Core Team TestMark Halsall, Marc Shannon, Lorna Campbell, Tom Wigham, Lee Meredith, Robert Sutton, Anthony Gill, Graham Foxall, Gary Lightfoot, Barclay Christmas
Lead TRC AuditorPaul French
CD DuplicationCraig Duddle, Christopher Stanley
Planning and Localisation ManagerVanessa Wood
Software Operations Co-ordinatorJennifer Rees
Localisation SupervisorDomenico Visone
Localisation Lead TesterYannick Paulet
Localisation TestersNathalie Marchau, Gaëlle Grenapin, François Castelain, Nadine Martin, Katharina Tropf, Deniz Ulu, Sandra Raue, Giorgio Anselmi, Sacha Fellica, Yolanda Akil, Virginia Martín, Leire Corcuera, José M. Flores
Special ThanksChristophe Poupon, Christophe Juncker (at Logitech Support), David Bergantino (scriptwriter)

Sony Online Technology Group

Director Online TechnologyGlen Van Datta
Program ManagerGreg Becksted
Developer Support LeadRamana Prakash
Lead EngineersBrian Fernandes, Adam Harris, Erika Kato, Ken Miyaki, Steve Wagner
EngineersMark Jacob, Sunmee Jang, John Kleven, Anthony Mai, Allen Pouratian, William McCarroll, Tom Sawyer, Steve Slover, Eric Whelpley, Glen Kawano, Trang Ho


Queens of the Stone Age - 'Regular John'Joshua Michael Homme, Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd., Licensed by Loosegroove Records
In‑Game Music CompositionSimon Withenshaw

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (143882)