Written by  :  MAT (174364)
Written on  :  Oct 21, 2004
Rating  :  1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars

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Player Never Cries

The Good

You could cry out of happiness for seeing two DVDs the moment you open your case, but otherwise, this game doesn't give you a reason to. I dunno what happened to Trish (pitty, 'cos I'd like to know), but Dante got a new partner, another so called... demonic creation, and what else is new, it's a "she" again. Not a blonde anymore (huh, was Trish blonde, anyway?), a redhead, got some gutsy moves she can perform, but even her toughest trick isn't enough to compete with Dante. Luckily, the two of them are on the same side, and you play through the entire game as either Dante or Lucia, although, the real order of things is to first play as Dante, and then as Lucia, I believe.

Playing two characters across the same game would be boring and repetitive, and definitely a no-no for people like me who don't like replaying same games. Luckily, Capcom has a major degree in making character stories a fine crossover of events, and thus you will visit different places (or same ones but at different time), fight different battles and see the cutscenes from both sides of the story.

The moves are simply one step ahead of every other game at the time, including the original Devil May Cry. You can now run on the walls both vertically and horizontally, you can double-jump with or without bouncing, and you'll be doing all that at the same speed as the original game let you, and that game was smooth on every means possible. And just when you thought graphic can't go any better, you're about to get shocked, twice.

Trifling with your enemies is yet another state of the art, both visually and painfully. To every its own, pain for them and visuals to you. Hordes of minions will now pour on every side, and what you thought is a lot in DMC, in DMC2 is just a warm-up. It is great how you can virtually lift your enemy in the air if you shoot fast enough at him. And the finest thing of shooting while in the air is still here, you slow down the fall by your own shooting. And to make this game one huge step ahead of its predecessor, there's no green slimy thing to fight, and all the other boss fights are easier than any in the original game.

The Bad

Puzzles are easy, battles are neat, visuals are great, everything runs fast, but one thing does hold it in the process... the story. It isn't worth a dime, and if you compare it to the prequel, you may get a feeling like the original DMC had truely marvelous story, so go figure, it's that big a difference. This seems like a story without meaning, or perhaps with one... to keep the game from falling apart into the range of mindless Id's and other shooters which I am even afraid to name.

Music isn't bad at all, it fits quite nicely, but isn't something that would require a soundtrack, music was better in the first game, imho.

The Bottom Line

Bigger! Better!! Meaner!!! And it's a must if you're either hardcore quick-action, Capcom, or DMC sympathizer.