Devil May Cry 2 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Language selection screen.
Capcom logo screen.
Main title from the opening movie.
Dante showing up the graphic details before you reach the menu screen.
Main menu screen (Dante disc).
Options (Dante disc).
Dante loading screen.
Lucia loading screen.
Opening in-game cinematic creating some starting point of story.
Dante saves Lucia from big birds... and thus the two of them embark on a journey to hell.
Dante just jumped onto the first mission (literally, from about 500 meters high building in the back) and is ready to give some lessons.
Unlike original DMC, the sequel has a huge amount of open and rather large places to run for.
The first demonic enemies you'll encounter as Dante, an always likable skeleton bunch.
If shooting fast enough, enemies will be pinned up to the air quite literally.
But in order to gain some demon points, sword is the best accumulator.
Shooting at the birds from a high jump.
Dante in his demonic form, completely and utterly invincible.
Bloody Palace mode will become available after you finish the game... you start in a palace, and you make sure it becomes bloody.
If this'd be volleyball, it would be called spike!
Note the distorsion effects after the sword swing, like a hot air just passed.
One of the harder boss battles, requires lot of quick reflexes (if you watch more closely, you will see Dance in the center shooting at... something).
A conflict of thoughts between Dante and Lucia? Play it and find out.
Devils never cry... so that explains why Dante's never crying, but what of Lucia, does that rule binds?
A competition for trip to hell... but the it's Dante's coin, I wouldn't trust him.
Dante's arsenal of guns.
Checking up on the info of enemies you encountered.
Lucia taking care of the goats.
Surrounded by auromancers seems just another day at work.
Character's status screen (Lucia disc).
Blood goats don't stand a chance against Lucia's demonic form.