Devil May Cry Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

One of the few outdoor scenes
Main Title
Main Menu
Our hero, Dante, PI when it comes to supernatural.
Prologue is introducing us into Dark Knight Sparda's story, the one Dante will resurrect throughout the game.
Dante's office, a place where he takes all the crazy cases.
The next job is on the horizon... but who's gonna pay for the front door?
And so Trish hires Dante for demon-hunting job.
There is something very familiar about Trish and you will find out why Dante has a weak spot for her as you progress throughout the game.
You start the game on some island which distincts with a huge castle spawned across it.
Lighting effects are awesome, especially at outdoor locations.
Exploring the castle in a hurry.
Dante using his famour dual guns, the only firearm you start with.