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GamersMark (Nov 05, 2005)
It’s not often that you expect to be entertained by a videogame that is based on a Disney property. The reason for this is that most seem to cater to a very young demographic and that gameplay in these titles usually lack any substance. While there have been games like Alladin for the Super Nintendo and Genesis that were widely enjoyed by a broad gaming audience, over the past few years there doesn’t seem to have been a Disney game that has received such acclaim. However, thanks to the talents of developer Avalanche, Chicken Little is one Disney-based title that is an absolute joy to play. It’s not the greatest of modern platformers but it surely knows how to entertain players very well, and not just the pre-teen crowd.
Playing Chicken Little will get you exactly what you deserve – a platform style game based on a movie. The film itself was decent, as is the game. There are no real surprises here, as the game is catered to the target audience of the film – kids looking to extend the movie experience.
Chicken Little is a serviceable game that juices Disney's storytelling mastery for all its worth. Experienced gamers should, obviously, look elsewhere, but kids and the content-conscious could certainly do much worse.
GameSpy (Oct 28, 2005)
There are certain constants in the universe that people can count on. The sun will always rise. Water will always be wet. And a new Disney cartoon will always result in a merchandising blitz. The latest proof of this is Disney's upcoming feature film, Chicken Little. This new cartoon has already spawned everything from plush dolls to dinnerware sets. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that Disney has also released a video game based on the film. What may surprise people though is just how fun this game really is.
IGN (Nov 04, 2005)
Finding a good game adaptation of a popular kid's flick is near impossible. Finding an excellent one is near miraculous. Finding a decent one, though, that's manageable. And that's precisely what Chicken Little from developer Avalanche is. It's not great in any one particular area, but overall it's far better than most games engineered to cash in on popular movies. And for those that don't know, Chicken Little is Disney's new computer animated retelling of the popular kid's story about a young chicken who believes the sky is falling.
Game Chronicles (Nov 28, 2005)
Game developers are forewarned over and over again to not make a movie-based game unless it’s going to be remarkably good. Sure, some games like Shark Tale do a wonderful job recreating the movie experience for you. Sometimes, you’ll even find one that extends a gripping plot beyond the movie. But most of the time, the developers just whip up a bargain bin title and slap a non-bargain bin price on it.
Daily Game (Nov 01, 2005)
Chicken Little is a character of many faces. In the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons, he was a nightmare on two chicken feet – always seeming so quiet and nerdy, but in reality a lethal force shooting down any of Foghorn’s attempts at “entertaining” the youthful chicken. In fairy tales, he was just a character known for declaring that “the sky is falling” and being wrong all the time. In Buena Vista’s Chicken Little for consoles (Xbox and PS2), the character, taken from the movie of the same name, is a mix of both – he’s nerdy, anxious and actually pretty comedic. The game of the same name has managed to capture the charm of the character, which makes it a good fun all around.
Video Game Talk (Mar 26, 2006)
Chicken Little is better than most movie tie-in games. By keeping expectations realistic and play varied it succeeds in being a fun title for kids that will keep them occupied for awhile. Bonus points if they liked the movie.
60 (Dec 13, 2005)
Chicken Little s'efforce d'exploiter toute la richesse du long-métrage pour proposer une aventure variée qui se renouvelle au moyen de phases de jeu très différentes. Le problème, c'est que le gameplay est largement perfectible et que les épreuves sont trop simplistes pour réellement nous amuser. On le conseillera donc uniquement aux plus jeunes qui auraient envie de voir le monde à travers les yeux d'un minuscule petit poulet.
GameZone (Oct 13, 2005)
Chicken Little wanted to be a lot of things. It wanted to be an action/adventure. It wanted to be a space shooter. It wanted to be a sports game, and a racing game, and incorporate pieces of Crazy Taxi. Technically it became all of those things, forgetting that as important as variety is, there is one thing that precedes it: continuity.
Just Adventure (Dec 02, 2005)
Chicken Little the movie is a computer animated triumph with engaging characters, hilarious moments and sophisticated, satirical concepts that appeal on different levels to both children and adults.