Disney's Kim Possible: What's the Switch? Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
Mission: Kim Possible
Wade will pop up at key points in the game to progress the story and give help
The intuitive 'Shadow Training' shows you exactly what you need to do
The camera follows Kim around the path
Kim can easily perform flips and jumps
You can even uppercut to break objects and fight!
Ooh, a spooky monkey ghost!
Use Kim's grapple to swing to unreachable places
Don't get hit by those axes!
Drakken receives a call from his mother while they plan to steal the monkey idol
Wall jump with ease as Shego
Shego's powerful energy blasts are handy for destroying enemies
Collect the Kimmunicator tokens to unlock bonuses
Locked in!
Getting ready to smash through the trapdoor
After the level is complete, your results are displayed
Time to grab the idol!
Hit the correct colored monkey ghosts to cause the idol to topple
The ol' switcheroo - Ron and Drakken have swapped minds!
You'll need to use your grapple here
Rufus can climb on any surface with ease
Rapidly press the Circle button to press the switch and activate the elevator
Time to beat up Dementor's thugs
Shego even goes car surfing!
These guys don't stand a chance!
Dodging bombs on a double-decker bus
These gold armored enemies need a more powerful attack used before you can hit them
Watch out for the signs!
Enemies from all directions!