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Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 (PlayStation 2)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 Credits

Disney Interactive

Senior ProducerScott Cuthbertson
Assistant ProducerAmir Firozkar
VP Product DevelopmentDan Winters
Conceptual ArtMary Ann Ramirez
Featuring the Voice Talents OfZoe Caldwell, Jennifer Hale, Kevin Michael Richardson, Chris Sanders, David Ogden Stiers, James Arnold Taylor, Frank Welker
Audio Post ProductionWalt Disney Imagineering, Lisa Beckwith, Robert Duran, John Kestler, Steve Litten
LocalizationPhilippe Juton, Alexander Coward
Manager, Quality AssuranceDavid Arnspiger
Supervisor, Quality AssuranceDouglas Jacobs
QA Project LeadMike O'Brien
Senior TestersPeter Filice, Luke Jozwiak
QA Test TeamEitan Levine, Shannon Randall
QA Technology TeamScott Torroll, Emil Haghnazarian
Additional TestingAbsolute Quality Inc., Mike Richardson, Toby Watkins
Special ThanksWalt Disney Feature Animation, Clark Spencer, Dean Deblois, Chris Sanders, Kelly Slagle, Bela Temesvary, Lori Korngriebel, Robert Bagley

Sony Computer Entertainment America

Senior ProducerGrady Hunt
Associate ProducerSam Thompson
Assistant ProducerGreg Phillips
Director of Product DevelopmentConnie Booth
Vice President of Product DevelopmentShuhei Yoshida
Director of MarketingAmi Matsumura-Blaire
Marketing SpecialistShelley Ashitomi
Director of Public RelationsMolly Smith
Public Relations ManagerCharlotte Panther
PR SpecialistTina Casalino
QA DirectorMichael Blackledge
QA ManagerRitchard Markelz
QA Core ManagerSam Bradley
Project CoordinatorEric Ippolito
Technical CoordinatorAra Demirjian
Lead AnalystAndrew Woodworth
Assistant Lead AnalystMatt Balaban
AnalystsMatt Balaban, Jason Bianchi, Tony Felice, Jeff Juco, Rogelio Ramirez
Manual DesignCMB Design Partners Inc.

High Voltage Software

ProducerJeffrey S. Marks
Lead ProgrammerJerome Karaganis
Lead ArtistDamion J. J. Davis
Lead Game DesignerLaralyn McWilliams
Audio LeadTim Stasica
Assistant Art LeadChris Cobb
Game DesignSean Riley
Additional Game DesignBrandon Fish, Edward Kuehnel
ProgrammingCory Bloyd, Jose Corpuz, Corey Frang, Brant French, Mike Henry, Pradyut Panda, Brett Z. Rubin, Keith Schaefer
ArtBrad Bowling, Gray Ginther, Cef Grima, Cary Penczek, Chris Peterson, Benjamin Savage, Lisa Wells, Stephen Zafros
Additional ArtDarin Beaver, Aaron Marroquin, David Seabaugh
AudioFred Love
Additional AudioTimothy D. Schlie
CEO/FounderKerry J. Ganofsky
PresidentJohn W. Kopecky
VP of Creative ContentEric Nofsinger
VP of Software DevelopmentJesse Helton
Design DirectorTom Smith
Audio DirectorD. Chadd Portwine
Director of TechnologyBrett Bourbin
Executive ProducerKevin Sheller
Office ManagerBridget Ranieri
Logistics AdministratorMargaret M. Bohlen
IT DirectorRaymond E. Bailey
Internal TestingGlenn Ualat, Kyle Marcussen
Cinematics ByAtomic Imaging
High Voltage Software would like to thank the followingGabriel Bott, Drew Campbell, Andrew Falth, Steve Gehrke, Leif Lathrop, Zack Oliver, Jay Powell, Angel Ruiz, Neil Viola, Eric Thomas, Chad Whitesell, Charles Whitehead, Red Eye Studio - Hoffman Estates Il

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69611) and Mike Henry (49)