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Disney's Treasure Planet (PlayStation 2)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Disney's Treasure Planet Credits

Disney Interactive

Produced byChris Takami
Senior ProducerFritz Bronner
Vice President Product Development, ConsoleDan Winters
Concept ArtKen Christiansen
Director of MarketingRobert Picunko
Associate Marketing ManagerNicole Bradford
Manager, Quality AssuranceDavid Arnspiger
Supervisor, Quality AssuranceLuigi Pardo
QA Project LeadMichael O'Brien
QA Test TeamPeter Filice (Senior Tester), Gerald Wada, Jonathan M. Martinez
QA Technology TeamScott Toroll (Supervisor - QA Technology Team), Jaime Serrano (Windows Team), Mario Donis, Caesar Infante
QA Operations and Support TeamEmil Haghnazarian (Replication Team Lead), Vahe Stambultshayan
Localized byKirsten Chidley, Philippe Juton
Special ThanksAngela Lepito, Roy Conli, Térence Mosca-Toba, Carole Degoulet, Stéphan Gonizzi
Disney Character Voices StaffSusan Ryan, Renée Johnson, Ned Lott, Ben Hoppe, Randy Coppinger, Susie Lum, Rick Dempsey, Bryan Monroe
Featuring the Voice Talents ofDee Bradley Baker, Gregg Berger, Corey Burton, Dane A. Davis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Brian Murray, David Pierce, Martin Short, Emma Thompson, Michael Wincott

Bizarre Creations

ProgrammersPaul Malin, Jason Denton, Jon Cutter, Stephen Penson, Nick Bygrave, Keith Pickford, Paul Olsen
Level DesignersJeff Lewis, Phil Nightingale, Christopher Davie, Paul Hesketh, Stuart Jackson
Level ArtMike McTigue, Boz Briers, Jonathan Reilly, Eddie A. Draper, Glen Griffiths
AnimatorsSimon Pickard, Alan Mullins, Gabor Soos
Production Support and TestingGlyn Williams, Chris Pickford, Kev Reilly, Sam Hall, Graeme Woodhouse, Peter Hartley
Additional ProgrammingPhil Snape, Mark Craig
Additional ArtMatt Cavanagh, David McDonald, Steven Heaney, Lee Carter, Jeff Powell
Special ThanksAllan Speed, Gary Hall, Stephen Gaffney, Andy Elliott
MusicIan Livingstone (MTS)
Sound DesignNick Wiswell, Nick Bygrave
ProducerAnthony Brennan
Executive ProducerBrian Woodhouse
Business ManagerMichelle Langton
Technical DirectorWalter Lynsdale
Business DirectorSarah Chudley
Managing DirectorMartyn R. Chudley

Sony Computer Entertainment America

Senior ProducerGrady Hunt
Associate ProducerSam Thompson
Assistant ProducerGreg Phillips
Director of Product DevelopmentConnie Booth
Vice President of Product DevelopmentShuhei Yoshida
Director of MarketingAmi Matsumura-Blaire
Marketing SpecialistShelley Ashitomi
Senior Marketing AssistantChuck Lacson
Creative Services ManagerQuinn Pham Le
Director of Public RelationsMolly Smith
Senior Public Relations ManagerCharlotte Panther
PR SpecialistHeather Crosby
QA DirectorMichael Blackledge
QA ManagerRitchard Markelz
QA Core ManagerSam Bradley
Project CoordinatorEric Ippolito
Technical CoordinatorAra Demirjian
Lead AnalystEdward J. Toomey
Assistant Lead AnalystStanley Peters, Joel Sigua
AnalystsAnthony Amos, Joe Chan, William Robert Cline, Ramon Concepcion, Matt Consoli, Matt Dahlgren, Daniel Kingdon, Steven Kuroki, Chester Lee, Michael Madfes, Marlan Smith, Alex Vaughan, Jonathan Vosovic, Scott Weir
Package DesignCMB Design Partners Inc.
We would like to thank each individual at Sony Computer Entertainment America for their contributions, support and dedication to the success of Disney's Treasure Planet with special recognition to the Executive management team includingKaz Hirai, Jim Bass, Masayuki Chatani, Andrew House, Steve Ross, Riley R. Russell III, Jack Tretton, Marilyn Weyant

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69643)