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GameZone (Nov 16, 2003)
Out of all of the books that I read as a child, I always enjoyed the weird and entertaining world of Dr. Seuss. Wuzzles, Whos, and Zizzer Zazzer Zuzzes are just a few of the creations that amuse and entertain many around the world, both then and now. Recently, Brian Grazer made Dr. Seuss’ classic Grinch story into a live action movie, and a little later on many of us will also be amused by one of my all time favorite Seuss book characters … The Cat in the Hat … as he is brought to life in the movies. Well, wherever there is a popular or “possibly popular” movie … a game is almost sure to follow somewhere. Sure enough, The Cat in the Hat is now gracing the PS2 console.
games xtreme (Apr 27, 2004)
Despite the criticism levied above, the fact is, I’m still playing the game. The game is addictive and has sustained my attention for well over a week now. Whilst it may not take rocket science to jump from platform to platform and blow bubbles from an umbrella, there is something childishly fun about it. It is important to remember that this game is aimed at small children, but if like me, your girlfriend, when faced with complex button combinations resorts to pad mashing, then this may just be the game for them!
GamerDad (Jan 17, 2004)
A game in 2D, a simple side-scroller, with the likenesses based Hollywood high rollers. A brother Baldwin and the Cat, portrayed by Mike Meyers, caper and jump on platforms lower and higher.
Next Level Gaming (Dec 03, 2003)
As I stated before, the challenge here is minimal. Any competent gamer will find themselves completing the game in only a few hours. I could picture a young kid playing the game through in a long weekend or over the course of a week. Give it a rent, as your favorite Dr. Seuss fan will probably enjoy the novelty of controlling this crazy Cat. Remember this game is for kids, most adults will simply not enjoy the game based on its simplicity. Parents, rest assured that this game has an “E”, for Everyone, rating. This game is safe for even the youngest gamer.
60 (Mar 31, 2004)
Un nouveau jeu de plates-formes qui n'apporte pas grand chose au genre mais qui saura séduire les joueurs ayant aimé Klonoa, Pandemonium et compagnie.
IGN (Feb 06, 2004)
As is standard practice in this day and age, a videogame based on the Cat in the Hat movie has been released to coincide with the launch of the movie. And as most of you already know, most movie-based games are terrible, relying on a name over gameplay. For the most part, this is also true for The Cat in the Hat, but the results are nearly as bad as they could've been.
This game is definitely a decent game. I would say that it would be a great game for younger gamers, but anyone looking for a serious challenge should pass on this one.
28 (Apr 05, 2004)
Abgesehen davon, dass hierzulande kaum jemand die Dr.Seuss-Werke kennt –den Grinch mal ausgenommen- gibt es eigentlich kaum Gründe, sich ernsthaft und guten Gewissens für einen Kauf zu entscheiden. Die Grafik ist zwar stilistisch durchaus interessant, fällt aber technisch sowohl auf PC als auch auf der PS2 nur durch schwache Animationen und detailarme Texturen auf. Spielerisch eine schlechte Kopie des PSone-Klassikers Pandemonium dürften selbst jüngere Padschwinger von dem eintönig kredenzten Plattformbrei kaum mehr als fünf Minuten Unterhaltung herausquetschen können.