Monster Teams for the ArenaContributed by Derek Anderson (10) on Jul 11, 2008.

First of all, I must remind you that the best source of information on the Monster Arena is BNii's Monster Arena FAQ on GameFAQs. He's got information on every Infamous Monster in the game, as well as how to beat each Rank in the Arena. Now, if you want my opinion on the matter, here are a few teams that will help anyone trying to beat their respective Ranks.


-Potbelly (Peninsula southwest of Trodain)
-Hackzilla (Behind/West of Farebury)
-Snap Case (Southwest of Trodain Castle) or Capers (Path to Wisher's Peak [Night only]: Must clear Rank F)
Once you've cleared Rank F, immediately Zoom back to the Riverside Chapel and find Capers on the path to Wisher's Peak at night. He's a much stronger ally who dodges attacks quite often. He's also great in the field until you have access to stronger monsters.

-Talos (Outside of Neos)
-Cybot (West of Orkutsk)
-Capers (Path to Wisher's Peak [Night only])
Talos can be tough to take down if your party is at a low-level, but he's definitely worth obtaining as soon you're strong enough.


With Ranks A and S, you've got a few options. A lot of people like to try and just power their way through it with My Three Golems, which is...
-Brickman (Southeast of Peregrin Quay)
-Goldman (Outside of Neos)
-Stoneman (Outside of the Dark Ruins: Requires Godbird)
However, this is NOT what I would recommend. You have a much better chance of clearing these Ranks, especially Rank S, if you use a more balanced team with a healer and a monster who can use desperate attacks.
-Talos (Outside of Neos) or Steropes (West side of Princess Minnie's Castle)
-Skeledoid (Outside of the Dark Ruins)
-Curer (North of Arcadia) or Octurion (South of Argonia Castle)
I've always preferred Curer over Octurion, because he seems to cast Fullheal much more often, whereas Octurion gets in the habit of attacking rather than healing when you need him.

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