Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
The Hero, Yangus, Trode and the Princess, are featured briefly in the short opening movie
Yangus and Trode talk with some very British sailors
NPCs sometimes change their dialogue depending on the time of day, quests you've done, or even with which character you have leading the party.
Facing off against some skeletons in a dungeon
Angelo using Fire Slash on some enemies
The Hero attempts to Intimidate the enemy. Successfully scaring the enemy can cause them to retreat, sometimes leaving valuable treasures behind
Spoils of war
When leveling up you have the choice of where to place the characters skill points. There are not enough skill points available to master everything so choose wisely
Inventory screen.. Note the bunny ears. Getting a complete bunny suit changes Jessica's appearance
Close-up of Jessica wearing her original dress
As with the previous game, breaking pots and barrels can net you nice loot. Yangus here is getting ready to smash
One of the game's many "functional" churches, where a priest saves your game as per series' rule
This map is extremely handy...
...and it comes in two shapes, this one being the zoomed-out world map
"Party talk" feature is accessible at any time. Use it to chat with your friends and remind yourself of the next goal
Alchemy pot allows you to craft your own items
Oh yeah? And you fight like a cow!.. Ahh, what a beautiful day on the world map!
Fighting mid-level enemies. Note the detailed animation, as opposed to all previous Dragon Quest games!
Even the simplest rooms convey warmth of visuals and love of detail. Note the cat on the bed!
Jessica expertly freezes a dragon!
Yangus is relaxing in a typical bar
The game is full of awesome views. The hero observes this castle from a nearby hill at night
People are praying in this abbey
One of the game's ominous dungeons. It's not all bright colors!..
Towns also have helpful maps
Coming out to the seaside promenade, enjoying the sunset... and check out my awesome new armor!..
Angelo in a bustling city
Visiting a rich person's house. Very individualized environment!
Another town, another cool view. Looking at the palace in the distance...
Palace interiors are exquisitely decorated. I tried hard to have a good view of the art as well as the room below included
Enjoying splendid sunrise on a river bank. And... Jessica, what are you wearing?..
About halfway through the game you'll gain access to your own ship. Ahh, the joy of sailing!..
You visit a seemingly barren island with a pronounced desert climate
Southern-most island with an obligatory "tribal" village
Just relaxing in a chieftain's house. I hope he doesn't mind
I could make a whole gallery of this game's screenshots with only churches in them. This is one of those gorgeous buildings in the Northern island, and they all look different
A cozy town, an everyday scene conveying simplicity and relaxation
The hero meets a possible love interest?.. Play and find out!..
Comical details are seen here and there. Note the funny portrait
Whoa! Angelo!.. Where did you learn kung-fu? Or is this the moon talking?..