Drakan: The Ancients' Gates Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu
Good thing this dragon is on our side
Fighting Grulls in a cave
This happens if Rynn's not careful
Some boxes can be smashed for treasure (but not those ones)
Caves often have underground rivers or lakes in them
Inventory screen allows access to gear, maps, spells, skills and quest log
One of the unique swords - the Earth Blade
Swimming with a limited air supply indicator
When idle, Rynn throws her sword up and then catches it
Two moons are visible in the sky
Flying gives you access to all the lands below
This is the castle of Lady Myschala
One of the Ancients' Gates
Lens flare effects are beautifully done
Exploring the town
Talking to an NPC
The alchemist's shopping interface
Alchemist is an odd man
Using a fireball spell
Anti-dragon defences fire missiles at Arokh
Wartoks are much bigger and stronger than Grulls
In peace times Rynn likes to admire the flowers
Arokh has a powerful dragon breath weapon
Admiring the pretty view
The game's end credits (can be watched at any time through game menu)