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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title
Main Menu
You can start playing from any point in the game you saved your status up to
The goddess, protector of the seal... and your sister
Prior to every mission you get a prologue into what happened and what further awaits you
Checking the status of your weapons, which are upgradable
Later in the game you will be able to choose the ally which you can summon during battles
The game starts right in the heat of the battle as Empire soldiers are laying siege on the fortress where goddess (your sister) resides
A view at the map, each of these red marks is not a single enemy soldier, but a small squad of them
During fight on the ground it's good to take radar into consideration as your ally, 'cos camera may give you hard time on occasions
Slicing through the enemy ranks with upgraded sword and after finishing the game is more than easy
If you run for a longer time you will enter the superfast mode from which you'll be able to perform a thrust attack
Whereas yellow dots are your health, green are your mana which allow you to use magic attacks which vary upon the level and equipped weapon
Checking your status
In order to escape certain death, Caim makes a pact with a dragon
You can change your weapon in the midst of the battle (see the rolling mechanism in the upper-left part of the screen)
After defeating some bosses, chests with health-restoring orbs will appear (alternate way to get such orbs is to score 14-15 combo strikes)
During your battles you will have certain targets to eliminate, which most of the time will be officers and commanders with boosted up health and armor
While battling in the air, you'll be able to use auto-aim option which will turn the dragon towards the selected target
Each chapter starts on a specified part of the world map
Sometimes, camera will be fixed and you'll be able to talk to your allies
In-game cutscenes have a transparent blue frame and a character facial that corresponds to the one currently talking
Attacking ground troops with a dragon can be highly devastating, but you can easily be shot by the archers
Putting a stop to the bestiary invasion
Using a magic fire attack by Caim's first sword, fully upgraded, casts fireballs at multiple sides
Empire versus Union army (notice how cinematic is centered and not lifted when there is no dialogue present)
Firing multiple target-seeking missiles guarantees a certain hit, but does lot less damage than your regular breath of fire
Your dragon also has mana which fills as you defeat enemy targets, and then lets you fireburst in a huge shockwave