Enthusia: Professional Racing Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Opening FMV makes a fine blur between reality and CG
Main title
Main menu
You can check the background info of over 40 car manufacturers
Track selection
For fast racing tracks you might wanna pick fast racing cars
Mitsubishi seems like a fine car, but try the rally against Subaru and you'll see it's not such a good choice
During car selection, they constantly rotate so you can see them from various angles
You can check the car specifications before the race
After you select the car, you select its color
Seconds before the race, tension's high in the air and it's all about the proper start
Handbrake is not a good solution when entering the curve at high speed
During the replay, you can set camera to track any particular car in the race
Fastest cars aren't the one to win the race, best drivers are, so whether you drive a sports car or a jeep, the victory comes at the hand of a skilled driver
New cars aren't the only to be seen a race, certain old-timers can present a challenge just as well
Selecting car and color for a versus mode (two gamepads are required to be able to run VS mode)
Players can either drive in 1st-person (top) or 3rd-person (bottom)
Driving Revolution mode will teach you how to handle different tracks with different cars
Driving Toyota Corolla in training mode, you must pass all the checkpoints at the right speed (color of checkpoint indicates how close are you driving to the perfect speed to pass through)
Enthusia Life mode gives you enough credits to get yourself a car and hit the streets to win some races and earn reputation as well as funds for better cars
There are virtually no limits in selection, so if you wanna race in a family car you're welcome to try anytime
After you purchase a car, you can go to garage for some tuning or hit the race
Looks too tight to squeeze (note in 1st-person you have back mirror to see what's happening behind you)
Takes only the slightest mistake to lose the leading place
After the race, you might wanna check the track statistics and which curves created the biggest problems for you
It seems almost impossible that a mere van presents a threat, but then you might realise you weren't pressing the gas pedal to the max (yup, it's a pressure-sensitive)
Exiting the tunnel (not a big one, but a tunnel nonetheless)
Ability to turn and brake varies with the terrain, so if you exit the track on the grass, mud, sand, or pebbles, you're in for a crash
Comparison in physics between real car and Enthusia car