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Consoles Plus (May, 2001)
Les modes de jeu sont complets et les statistiques raviront tous les joueurs avides de réalisme et de précision. La prise en main n'est pas des plus évidentes, mais quelques minutes suffisent pour comprendre les particularités de ce soft. Les actions s'enchaînent bien, même si l'ensemble apparaît parfois confus. Le niveau de réalisation est plus que satisfaisant et le rendu général accroche l’œil. Dommage que la réalisation soit parfois approximative.
Power Unlimited (Apr, 2001)
Ook wat de features van deze game betreft kan hij zich makkelijk meten met de concurrentie want de schijf herbergt elk denkbaar NHL team, een shitload aan speelmodes, een makkelijk te gebruiken modus waarin je je eigen spelers kan maken en elke andere optie, die een hockeygame zich zou kunnen wensen.
Gamezone (Germany) (Jun 28, 2001)
ESPN National Hockey Night ist von Präsentation und Grafik her zwar ganz nett, kann aber spielerisch nicht so ganz überzeugen. Der Spielfluß ist zwar relativ flüssig, und das Paßspiel kann sich auch sehen lassen, aber es fehlt dennoch an harter Eishockey-Action. Die Spieler bewegen sich etwas plump und die Handhabung ist auch etwas träge. Was nicht heißen soll, das es nicht spielbar sei. Verglichen mit NHL 2001, hat es klar verloren. Es ist aber immerhin eine Alternative.
National Hockey Night is a good game that is head and shoulders above most ESPN/Konami releases. Unfortunately, it goes mano a mano with a great game in EA Sports' NHL 2001. In nearly all criteria, NHL 2001 holds the advantage. The ESPN game has decent player models, but they look absolutely bland compared to NHL 2001. The control has a nice ice feeling, but it doesn't give the tightness of NHL 2001. These flaws don't make Hockey Night a terrible title, but a game's got to face off against somebody. ESPN does offer more realism, but that actually makes the game less fun in comparison. Also, I don't like not being able to tweak the rules for an arcade-style contest. If NHL 2001 didn't exist, I'd be singing praises to Hockey Night. If Reiner wasn't such a little wuss, he may have been an NHL All-Star, though, so that means nothing. Spend your puck buck on EA's NHL 2001.
Kudos to Konami for trying to incorporate everything right down to drop, flip and no-search passing. If the control was there, maybe, just maybe, EA would have been gnawing on its nails, but without the ability to truly insert yourself into the game, there’s no reason to play it. Stick with EA.
52 (Jul 23, 2001)
Huonoin PS2:n lätkäpeli tähän asti. Sinänsä mitä tulee yleensäkin PS2:n lätkä- ja fudispelitarjontaan, ei Sonyn pomoilla ole vielä syytä henkselien paukutteluun. Tarvitaan laadukkaampia julkaisuja tai pelaajapuoli alkaa hermostua (eräs ärsyyntynyt arvostelija ainakin). Vaikka peli ei ole täysin huono, ja kaksinpeliäkin jaksaa jonkin verran pelata - ei sen ostamiselle löydy mitään järjellistä syytä. PS2:n urheilupeleistä sentään International League Soccer oli huonompi. Taidonnäytteenä se olikin jo sitten sitä luokkaa, että kyseisen tiimin kannattaa pitää vähän aikaan matalaa profiilia. En ihmettelisi, vaikka joku kyseisen fudispelin ostanut menisi häiriintyneessä mielentilassa koputtelemaan asianomaisten ovelle, mukanaan Fiskarsin tuoteperheen järeämpää kalustoa.
A game should never seem as if its graphics received all of the development time, but unfortunately this is the case here. The main issue lies with the controls, which are sluggish enough to utterly ruin the experience of playing “the fastest game on Earth,” as hockey is often dubbed. Watching your defensemen spin their legs in place when they should be rocketing forward for a check is frustrating, and the unresponsive shooting controls are infuriating. Piled atop this mountain of woe we have an AI that puts textbook hockey above its awareness of each particular match’s dynamics, often causing it to ignore the puck altogether. This is a shame, since the graphics engine really is only just shy of the quality found in NHL 2001. Sadly, ESPN National Hockey Night‘s good looks can’t take it very far, and Konami has some serious work to do if they want to take home the cup next year.
PSM (Jun, 2001)
Despite its problems, National Hockey Night is much better in terms of graphics and sound than Sony's own NHL Face Off. Unfortunately for Konami, the game to beat is still EA's NHL 2001. Control issues and too many other problems keep Konami's PS2 hockey title from even playing in the same league as the best on the market.
GameSpot (Apr 16, 2001)
If you're looking for a hockey game for your PlayStation 2, scratch ESPN National Hockey Night off your list and pick up EA's NHL 2001. National Hockey Night's graphics are solid, but its no-frills gameplay modes and abysmal control leech the fun from the game, leaving a superficial shell behind. If Konami tunes the gameplay and adds a few modes for next year's edition it might have a contender on its hands. But as it stands, ESPN National Hockey Night isn't even worth a curiosity-satisfying rental.
Värdelös dynga som ESPN National Hockey Night höjer knappast något varumärkes renommé. I det här fallet är Konami, ESPN och Sony de stora förlorarna.
IGN (Apr 04, 2001)
ESPN National Hockey Night looks good, but that's the only thing that this title really has going for it. The player control is awful, the AI is completely laughable and the play-by-play and commentary work is completely substandard stuff. The only reason that someone would want to buy this game is...well, there is none. If you want a hockey game, you should get EA Sports' NHL 2001 and if you need a second game, 989 Sports' NHL FaceOff 2001 is a better choice than this, and that's saying a lot.