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EverQuest Online Adventures (PlayStation 2)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

EverQuest Online Adventures Credits


Lead Programmer, Graphics, ToolsJohn Buckley
Graphics, Sound, ToolsBrandon Bogle
AI, Pathing, Server and GameplayAmanda Tarr
UI, ToolsCarlos Ordonez
Network, Server, DatabaseVince Harron
Front EndMatt Sivertson
Executive ProducerRod Humble
ProducerBenjamin Bell
Assistant ProducerTodd A. Carson
Art DirectorNick Heitzman
Lead Character ArtistCayenne Mandua
Characters and Concept ArtRobert Kathman
Characters and AnimationsWilliam B. Yeatts
Environmental ArtistsKevin Burns, Stephanie Young
Special EffectsSabrina Fox
Additional CharactersThad Clevenger
Additional Level ArtHans Piwenitzky
User InterfaceRichard Sjoberg, Dan Jones, Michael Murphy
Game DesignRod Humble, Benjamin Bell, Christopher Lena, Jeremy Ellis, Thomas Wells, Bill Coyle, Lawrence Poe, Derak Morrell, Michelle Butler, Jake Sones, Jacob Thornley
Additional Game DesignHarvey Burgess, Joseph Russo, Anthony Garcia, Amanda Flock, Daniel Enright
QA ManagerTony Rado
QA LeadJason Boone
QA TestingJason Boone, Joel White, Harvey Burgess, Alex Neuman, Jason Abulencia, Taylor Haley, Leah Ruben, Robert Bautista, Tiffany Sanchez, Jared Sweatt, Will Figgins, Armando Garcia
Music Composition and ProductionJeremy A. Bell, Robert King, Paul Romero, Jeremy Soule
Sound EffectsKeith Arem, Joe Hight
Title SequencePaul G. Tighe
SCEA Account ManagerChristopher Clark
SCEA Developer SupportMark DeLoura, Bret Mogilefsky, James Wang
Additional Production AssistanceAlex Von Minden
Packaging DesignMichael Meyer
Map ArtRick Schmitz
Manual Design and ProductionLaurie Fuller
Cover ArtistDavid Michael Beck
Special ThanksJohn Smedley, Russell Shanks, Adam Joffe, Donald Vercelli, John Needham, George Scotto, Scott McDaniel, Tamara Sanderson, Lisa Leyba, Katie Thomas, Mike Meyer, Christy Fritts, Sean Kauppinen, Michael Lustenberger, Mike Thompson, Nathan Pearce, Dallas Dickinson, Brad McQuaid, Nathan Bosia, Hans ten Cate, Misako Usui
Additional SupportCraig Snyder, Tavish Margers, Ben Hulse, Thomas Farthing, Graeme Ing, Hollis Gray, Stefan Ward, Aaron Valdes, Steven Fuller, Dominico Scaduto, Jonathan Rad, Mark Preston, Bryan Blank, Dani Roisman, Michael A. Klug, Kirk Lightfoot, Paul Zastoupil, Thomas Terrazas, Satao Minami, Alan Crosby, Keith Pekoske, David Dhunjishaw, Stacey Sofia-McDaniel, Jason Parrott, Michael Tucker, Dan Gorman, Leo Deleon, Andy Caldwell, Devon Kim, Dennis Gandinez, Amy Gutierrez, Ron Siefert, Scott McWherter, Steve Weiss, Steve Lukas, Clayton Kroh, Nick Davison, Travis Ball

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jake Sones (35) and Corn Popper (69724)