ExZeus Credits

Arcade Team

Director & Lead ProgrammerCarlo Perconti
3D & 2D Graphic - Focusdesign CO.,LTDMakoto Higuchi, Hiroyuki Nakashima
Soundtrack & SFX - DuneSound StudioMichel Golgevit, Olivier Rabat
Q.A. DepartmentShingo Hori, Carlo Perconti, Ryoco Yamamoto, Hiroyuki Nakashima

Console Team

ProducerCarlo Perconti
Lead Console ProgrammerDragan Nestorosky
Console Technical SupportFrédéric Zimmer
Additional GraphicDanielle Lacassagne
Special ThanksKoichi Ota, Shingo Hori, Shingo Kuwana, Hitomi, Junko, Andy in Japan, Sonoko, Shinsaku, Fumiko, Kobayashi san, Hiromi, Dave, Sirus, Alexia, Michael

Metro3D Credits

PresidentAndy Law
Deputy Vice PresidentChris Allcroft
Sales ManagerChris LeGrande

Conspiracy Entertainment Europe Credits

CEOMichael Hayward
VP SalesHoward Newmark
Executive ProducerAndrew Kennedy

Conspiracy Entertainment Corporation Credits

PresidentSirus Ahmadi
Executive ProducerDave Hoffman
Asst. Graphic DesignerSaundra Vo
Special ThanksLeland Mah, Danny Kolker, Keith Tanaka, Hiromi Kesamaru

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Olivier Rabat, 43 other games
Sirus Ahmadi, 35 other games
Leland Mah, 25 other games
Carlo Perconti, 25 other games
Keith Tanaka, 17 other games
Frédéric Zimmer, 14 other games
Koichi Ota, 14 other games
Michel Golgevit, 11 other games
Andrew Kennedy, 9 other games
Chris Allcroft, 6 other games
Danny Kolker, 6 other games
Saundra Vo, 6 other games
Michael Hayward, 5 other games
Makoto Higuchi, 4 other games
Hiromi Kesamaru, 3 other games
Andy Law, 3 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by U.J.1 (337)