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76 (Dec 11, 2005)
EyeToy Play 3 ist wie SingStar ’80s eine konsequente Fortsetzung, die das bekannte Spielprinzip beibehält, hier und da etwas verbessernd zurechtfeilt, aber keine großartigen Experimente wagt. Nach wie vor ist das Singleplayerlebnis zu vernachlässigen und der Spaß mit mehreren Freunden groß. Nach wie vor ist die Bedienung kinderleicht, allerdings macht die Kameraerkennung gelegentlich Probleme. Nach wie vor sind einige großartige und einige öde Spiele im Paket. Alles beim Alten also, aber mit einem leicht pappigen Beigeschmack und einer tatsächlich etwas geringen Existenzberechtigung. Für EyeToy Play 4 sollten sich die Entwickler etwas mehr als nur noch ein paar Fuchtel- und Ausweichgames einfallen lassen, um einen Verwesungsgeruch zu vermeiden. Mir persönlich wäre ein zweiter Teil meines Lieblings EyeToy: Groove am liebsten.
69 (Nov 29, 2005)
Eye Toy Play 3 is a great package - if you don't already own the previous two titles. If you do own the previous games then get ready for pretty much more of the same. As a party game it's tremendous fun, but I'd like to see Sony take the Eye Toy to the next level (as they did with Eye Toy Kinetic).
Eyetoy: Play 3 is a disappointing followup to last year's incarnation. It really is just more of the same, and we don't like playing games that are feel familiar when they quickly become tiresome.
65 (Nov 09, 2005)
Cette troisième itération de la série EyeToy Play est pour le moins frustrante. Pleine de bonnes choses d'un côté, mais trop redondante vis-à-vis de la série et d'elle-même. Si des épreuves comme le foot américain, le bowling ou même le chef d'orchestre peuvent se montrer géniales, on s'en lasse étonnament vite. Quant au reste, il s'agit d'une application finalement trop classique des principes de l'EyeToy, la sensation de déjà-vu commence alors à se faire sentir. Le faible nombre de jeux n'arrange rien à l'affaire. On notera pour conclure quelques bugs épars, dont un deux plantages inexpliqués.
Whilst EyeToy: Play 3 is a decent addition to the list of games you can buy for the EyeToy camera, it doesn't exactly come across as anything unique or indeed that different from what we've already seen before for the EyeToy. Whilst I haven't played EyeToy: Play 2, this third game in the series isn't as polished as the original EyeToy: Play and in many ways it's a weaker product which is disappointing. There are some good games here though but it's difficult to say that these justify the asking price.
50 (UK) (Nov 21, 2005)
Perhaps even more significantly, this game has an identity problem even among its peers. If you want an EyeToy game that is musical, rhythmical, and gives you that genuine Dance Mat moment, you'd be better off playing EyeToy: Groove. If you want an EyeToy game that is fast, frantic, energetic and sporty, you'd be better of playing EyeToy: Kinetic. If you want to play a range of fun and silly mini-games on your EyeToy, well, then you already have EyeToy: Play and Play 2. Why would you need yet another? That is this game's great failing. While it is fun, although not magnificently so, in its own right, it fails to offer a convincing reason to buy it over the many other fine EyeToy outings that have gone before. I'd suggest you put down the wine for a second, and seek one of those out instead.