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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel (PlayStation 2)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Credits

Interplay - Production

Executive ProducerMark Teal
ProducerCharles Cuevas
Development ProducerTrevor Snowden


Lead ArtistPerry Scalf
ArtistsEdward Lee Bowman II, Joseph Cesario, James Crowson, David Finley, Jason Hasenauer, James Hawkins, Tyler Hinkle, Darren Lee, Hong Ly, Khanh Nguyen, Christopher Regalado, Caterina Shintu, Daniel Tamez, Christine Thomas, Todd Williams


Lead DesignerChris Pasetto
Lead ScriptorRene Hakiki
Level Designers & ScriptorsDonnie Cornwell, Robert Evinger, Brian Freyermuth, Steve Gazda, Robert Hanson, Dan Kingdom, Henry C. Lee, Steve McLafferty, Alendor E. Vulaj, Sean Williams


Lead ProgrammerRandy D. Culley
ProgrammersCalvin Lin, Dylan Lindeen, Rodney N. Relosa, Daniel Stanley, Darren Walker

Interplay Entertainment Corp. - Audio

Audio Director / Cinematics MixerGene Semel
Sound DesignersRobert Burns, Scott Tang
Dialogue Supervisor and castingFred Hatch
Dialogue EditingScott Purvis, Pat Ryan
Additional Sound DesignBrian Fredrickson


International Services ProducerPaul Dew
International Services Localization Manager SpanishRafael López
Localization ‑ GermanOlaf Becker
Localization ‑ FrenchEmilie Castellano
Localization ‑ ItalianCaterina Schintu

Marketing & Public Relations

Brand ManagerKrista Robinson
Traffic ManagerKathryne Wahl
Manual Design/LayoutJeff Jumper

Quality Assurance

Manager of Quality AssuranceDouglas Finch
Console Test ManagerAmy Lyn Presnell
QA Operations ManagerShanna Lynne Takayama
Technical Resource SpecialistsDerek Gibbs, Joshua Walters
QA Product ManagerEric Fong
QA Associate Product ManagerMatthew Phillips
QA AnalystsMarcus Barber, Kevin Bell, Bryan Bernal, Jeremy Cripe, Jericho Datu, Nick Elliott, Rommel Fernandez, Ivan Glaze, Edward Kim, Adam Koch, Phong Le, Bryant Pendleton, Wade Sands, Damon Vergilio, David Webb, Jonathan Wong, Jimmy Yam


Video ManagerDavid Cravens
Video EditorRonald E. Austin
V.P. of DevelopmentJim Molitor
Director of TechnologyDavid R. Sullivan

VO Talent

Ching Tsun, Wasteland Man, City Ghoul CivilianDee Bradley Baker
Vault Dweller, Cain (ghoul player), Nightkin/Super (mutant)Michael Bell
Ghoul Officer (Fisher), Wasteland Mayor (Richard), Vault-Tec Computer (Calix)Eril Boen
Vault Man, Patrol/Plasma/Kamikaze RobotCam Clarke
Wasteland Doctor (Vidya), Vault Elder's Daughter (Mary), NadiaGrey DeLisle
Ghoul Merchant (Hieronymous), Chief Scientist (Dubois), Tesla/Service RobotBrian George
Tutorial ComputerKristakis Gepetto
Ghoul Engineer (Giese), Rader Thug/Drunk, Turret/Sentry RobotNick Jameson
Narrator, Mutant General (Attis), Mutant BobTony Jay
Wasteland Bartender (Armpit), Psycho Ghoul User, Rader Torch/SoldierJohn Mariano
Wasteland Prostitute (Ruby), Rader Matron (Jane)Vanessa Marshall
Harold, Cult Ghoul Thug/Soldier/Kamikaze, Wasteland Trader (Jesse)Alan Oppenheimer
Ghoul High Priest (Blake), Cyrus, Mutant Grunt/SoldierKevin Michael Richardson
Rhombus, Glowing GhoulJohn Vernon
Vending Computer (Shop Tec), Rader Lieutenant, Vault Security (Patty)B. J. Ward


Slave the WaySKINLAB
Beneath the SurfaceSKINLAB
Perpetual Black SecondMesshugha
Straws Pulled at RandomMesshugha
The Heretic AnthemSlipknot, Ross Robinson (Produced), Andy Wallace (Mixed), Slipknot - Music and Lyrics, EMI April Music - Published
People = ShitSlipknot, Ross Robinson (Produced), Andy Wallace (Mixed), Slipknot - Music and Lyrics, EMI April Music - Published
The Dehumanizing ProcessChimaira, Ben Schigel (Produced and Engineered), Mark Hunter (Co-Produced), Rob Arnold (Co-Produced), Colin Richardson (Mixed), Mark Hunter (Co-Produced), Matt Devries (Music), Mark Hunter (Co-Produced), Rob Arnold (Co-Produced), Fritz McGaven (Published)
StigmurderChimaira, Ben Schigel (Produced and Engineered), Mark Hunter (Co-Produced), Rob Arnold (Co-Produced), Colin Richardson (Mixed), Mark Hunter (Co-Produced), Rob Arnold (Co-Produced), Fritz McGaven (Published)
Pure HatredChimaira, Ben Schigel (Produced and Engineered), Mark Hunter (Co-Produced), Rob Arnold (Co-Produced), Colin Richardson (Mixed), Mark Hunter (Co-Produced), Rob Arnold (Co-Produced), Matt Devries (Music), Mark Hunter (Co-Produced), Fritz McGaven (Published)
My Last SerenadeKillswitch Engage, Adam Dutkeiwicz (Produced), Andy Sneap (Mixed), Jesse Leach (Lyrics), Killswitch Engage ‑ Music, 800-Pound Gorilla Music - Published
Temple From The WithinKillswitch Engage, Adam Dutkeiwicz (Produced), Andy Sneap (Mixed), Jesse Leach (Lyrics), Killswitch Engage ‑ Music, 800-Pound Gorilla Music - Published
Stay With Me (Unlikely)Celldweller, Klayton ‑ Written by, Celldweller Misc ‑ Published
The Last FirstbornCelldweller, Klayton ‑ Written by, Celldweller Music ‑ Published
Earache RecordsSocirty 1, Cult of Luna

Additional Music

Main Title Composed byCraig Stuart Garfinkle
Ambient and Battle Music Composed byDevin Townsend
Additional Ambient Music Composed byMatt Gruber (Goat Tea Music/ASCAP)

Special Thanks

All the Interplay Windows - again, Interplay Facilities - you guys rock!, Scotch whisky and home made scones, Michael Nicholson, Laurel Moen, Anthony Christopher, Phil Adam, Scot Lane, Paul Dew, EM, Hervé Caen, Chris Avellone, Bill Stoudt, Jeff Jumper, Sandi Spier, the Interplay IT Department

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69575)