FIFA Soccer 06 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

When the game starts there's the usual message about memory cards and that is followed by this screen which shows when the database was up to date
The official logos of all the leagues available in the game
Unlike other games which start with a snazzy animated introduction, this game starts with a live action montage
After all the preamble, this is where the game starts
The first time the game is played the gamer is forced to enter an id, the game at least allows a decent name length
Team selection. First use left/right to select the league then swap to the team and use left/right to select the team.
Still part of the initial setup process. This screen allows the gamer to choose different styles of game play
There are five tutorials, Pace Control, Dummying the Ball, First Touch, Skill Stick Moves and Tactics. Each shows a short animation but has no opportunity for the gamer to practice the moves
It should be obvious but a network account is needed for network play
Player creation. This allows lots of customisation, there are even separate settings for upper and lower lip, colour of the tape around the player's ring etc.
The team selection and team formation screen. The team formation can be changed in-game as well