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GamePro (US) (Oct 04, 2006)
While this latest title has the advantage of a few additional features and some nifty new nuances, the differences don't really merit a new purchase if you recently invested in EA's other excellent soccer title this year. Even so, FIFA 07's allure is hard to deny, making this game a sure-fire rental for seasoned vets and a must have for new soccer fans.
Game Over Online (Nov 09, 2006)
FIFA 07 is an excellent game. Is it completely new? No. Is it revolutionary in some way? No. But EA has taken the core FIFA game and improved it to create the best FIFA footballer to date. If you are a soccer game fan, you simply can't miss this title.
IGN UK (Sep 25, 2006)
What a difference a year makes. FIFA 07 has closed the gap on PES5 more than we could possibly have imagined. Compared to previous FIFA instalments this plays a more rounded, authentic game of football without cranking up the realism so much that it’s no longer fun. The result is a game that’s as fun and as accessible as any of its predecessors, but with gameplay that’s more Premier League than the Championship.
85 (Oct 30, 2006)
The game is good and fun, you might find yourself playing a few games in a row. There is a lot to do and unless you really wanted to play online I recommend the PS2 version. Mainly because the controls are easier, and the trick stick works best, also the XBOX 360 version isn’t as deep as the PS2 version. Bottom Line here is that, FIFA may not be Pro Evolution yet, but then again, it doesn’t have to be. EA tried their best to deliver a good Soccer game and they’ve done just that.
IGN (Oct 09, 2006)
FIFA 07 is a fun, fast-paced game of soccer and EA's finest effort to date. While the effort to imitate the best elements of Winning Eleven is obvious, EA does its own fair share of innovation with some great long-pall passing, jostling and the Interactive Leagues feature. With solid visuals and sound, a dearth of game modes and decent online play, FIFA 07 is one of the best sports games of the year. Though the gameplay must be tightened up before it can overtake the competition.
Worth Playing (Jan 21, 2007)
The final verdict on FIFA '07 is a good one. The game of soccer has never been so complete, with so many teams, leagues, cups, options, modes, and everything else that you can possibly imagine. There are some minor issues with the gameplay, mainly involving the goalkeeping, and the graphics, with the dated models and stuttering widescreen framerate. If you love soccer, or just love playing a good sports game, FIFA '07 certainly has a lot to offer. If you like playing against other people or by yourself, whether in single games or lengthy tournaments, managing the team or controlling it directly, FIFA offers it. There is no reason that FIFA '07 cannot receive a recommendation for fans of the sport everywhere.
GameSpot (Oct 11, 2006)
FIFA 07, then, is a game that undoubtedly improves upon FIFA 06 in a number of ways, though it also has a few quirks of its own. This is an easy game to recommend if you have any interest in soccer, especially since you can keep up to date with the latest soccer news and results via a ticker tape along the bottom of the screen anytime you're online, but it's not a giant leap forward for the FIFA series in the same way that other recent iterations have been. FIFA 07 is a must-have if you missed out on FIFA 06, and it's definitely worth a look if you own last year's game and are ready for a change.
82 (Dec 13, 2006)
This FIFA is less arcade than before but does remain faithful to the fans and remains accessible enough for newcomers. EA have listened and (finally) succeeded to put down soccer realistically. The game still has less depth than its biggest competitor but FIFA 07 makes up a lot in other ways. All in all I don't think many PES fanboys will switch sides but maybe they should give it a chance.
80 (Oct 06, 2006)
Im Gegensatz zur neu entwickelten 360-Fassung merkt man Fifa 07 auf den Current-Gen-Konsolen und dem PC seine Herkunft an: Hier bekommen wir erneut eines der jährlichen Updates, das zwar in einigen Belangen verbessert und um schöne Modi wie die Interaktive Liga erweitert wurde, aber im Kern immer noch das „alte“ Fifa ist. Trotz eines weiteren Feintunings in Richtung Realismus fühlt sich der Spielablauf mit seinen Granatenschüssen und konstant flotten Spielern noch nicht so rund an. Vor allem hätte man die KI-Fußballer aggressiver und den Torwart flexibler gestalten müssen. Trotzdem ist EA auf dem richtigen Weg und liefert mit Fifa 07 ein gutes, wenn auch nicht überragendes Fußballspiel für die aktuelle Konsolengeneration und den PC ab. An ein PES reicht es trotzdem noch nicht heran, aber dies könnte sich mit der 360-Fassung ändern, die beim ersten Anspielen bereits einen starken Eindruck hinterlassen hat.
Softpedia (Jan 17, 2007)
For all those that ever wore their favorite team's scarf or shirt, FIFA 07 is a blessing thanks to the Interactive Leagues option. There are steps you take while being the fan of the team: first there's watching them on the TV, then there's going to the stadium and there's the last phase: leading your idols to success. You won't be able to do that unless you try EA Sport's latest football sim, a decent piece of work with fast-paced football, neat graphics and a multiplayer mode designed for the true football aficionados.
UOL Jogos (Sep 15, 2006)
As ligas online são uma novidade interessante, rumo à modernização de "FIFA" no quesito multiplayer. Ainda assim, os avanços poderiam ser maiores, pois um suporte online sólido aumentaria consideravelmente a vida útil do título. Ao mesmo, "FIFA 07" mostra que a série estabeleceu seu estilo e nele investe da maneira correta. Os apreciadores vão curtir a dose anual de futebol proporcionada pelo game.
GameZone (Sep 27, 2006)
FIFA 07 has got the looks, gameplay, and features of a masterpiece – and it would be such if the majority of its content hadn’t already been introduced. Those who are unsure of this update are encouraged to rent it first.
JeuxActu (Oct 07, 2006)
On a souvent tendance à reprocher à Electronic Arts ne pas être attentif aux critiques émises par les joueurs. Cette année, l’éditeur a pris connaissance et conscience des défauts des précédents opus et a enfin corrigé le tir. Avec son gameplay beaucoup plus dynamique sans tomber dans le ridicule de l’Arcade non plus, son I.A. améliorée, son contenu toujours aussi alléchant et son mode "Ligues Interactives" qui séduira plus d’un supporter, FIFA 07 surprend à tel point que l’on pourrait craindre le pire pour la série Pro Evolution Soccer et plus particulièrement PES 6. Cependant, quelques défauts font de la résistance dans cette nouvelle édition empêchant le titre d’Electronic Arts de s’épanouir.
Diehard GameFan (Oct 18, 2006)
Considering the sad state of affairs for most sports games this year on the PS2 and XBox, it’s refreshing to play a game like FIFA, where significant changes were made, and according to reports, they were all for the better. I legitimately enjoy playing this game, something I never thought I’d say about a FIFA game.
65 (Sep 28, 2006)
Les équipes d'Electronic Arts ont les moyens financiers mais ont-ils la motivation et la connaissance nécessaires pour faire de cette série une référence du genre sur consoles ? Peut-être pas. En tout cas, cette année plus que jamais, FIFA reste fidèle à lui-même, dans les bons comme dans les mauvais côtés. Les fans aimeront mais devront tout de même réfléchir avant d'investir dans un opus trop similaire à son aîné, surtout si l'on se contente d'un usage solo.