Fight Night Round 2 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
Menu screen.
Fighter selection.
Choosing the venue.
A scene from the games animated introduction. This guy hits the canvas pretty quickly. This shot shows sweat being sprayed around, many others include blood.
A shot from the 'Create A Champ' option that's part of the main menu. Here the player crafts the boxer of their dreams
Also in the 'Create A Champ' option that's part of the main menu is a section on Haymakers punches and how to throw them
Another training section from the 'Create A Champ' option. This is Cutman Control, a section that shows how to minimise damage between the rounds.
The player must train their boxer. This is the most iconic boxing aid, the punch bag. here the player must hit the lighted area to score and develop their craft
Another training aid is lifting weights. As with all training programs it starts with a set of instructions
This is part of the Focus Training where the player must deliver combination punches to lit parts of the dummy
In Career Mode the player can choose to train their own boxer or resurrect the career of a legendary boxer.
In Career Mode the player selects either their own boxer or a boxing legend and then assigns skill points to customise them
One of the loading screens, there are lots of these, showing some of the punch controls
This is a sparring session. In this one the player must land five jabs followed by five hooks and five uppercuts.