Written by  :  Rey Mysterio (24)
Written on  :  Sep 16, 2004

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Not as great as FFX but still a favorite.

The Good

The storyline is amazing. Be a sphere hunter, travel Spira to do missions win and get a sphere! How sweeter can life be? You can change the way you look and attack by using dresspheres which are awesome. The CG animations are so cool especially the way Shuyin looks and Vegnagun. The music is phenomenal. 1000 Words really made me relaxed and just be all nice and calm.

The Bad

The number 1 thing that annoyed me about this game was that it was very easy. I beat all of Vegnagun and Shuyin without a save sphere. Even Omega Weapon was easy. Most of the boss fight's attacks will do 100-400 damage. You'll be lucky of Vegnagun even did 500 or Shuyin doing more than 100. some CG animations made laugh. Baralai was the one that made me laugh. His face was all brown like a brownie. Blitzball is entirely confusing and not appealing to me anymore. There are a lot of endings which I don't like. One more thing, it was pretty dull for me that they don't say any of the aeon's name or say Tidus. They just keep saying him. Just say Tidus! You don't have to pick Tidus' name in this game so just say Tidus! And the way Lenne looks....it scared me when I first saw her face.

The Bottom Line

Go out and get this game. But if you've never played FFX or don't know what aeons or that blonde dude with the unsual clothes are, don't play this until you play FFX.