Written by  :  MrBee (29)
Written on  :  Aug 19, 2003
Rating  :  3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars
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80+ hours of gaming as it should be..

The Good

When I had a ps1, I heard that name... 'Final Fantasy' being repeated by many people I asked about their games collection. I played it enough to find that it was a game genre I never spent the time to explore. Eventually sequels were made, until the 10th in the series. I gave up the final fantasy series after my first experience of the 7th. I found it quite a long game!

After years of 'Tekken', 'Sonic adventure', I was looking for a game which I could settle down and enjoy, much like a film. I was really impressed by the opening of this game, the overall presentation was enough to keep me playing. The same type turn-based system is used again, but, it works rather well!

The story is a long one! The extreme depth this game has is totally astounding. Each time I saved my game I was quite shocked at the time I was totalling up... 23 hours, 29 hours... I was just about half way through!

Eventually, I completed just about everything you can do. I learnt to understand another language, I gathered all celestial weapons and mutated and defeated every monster in the game! My last save time clocked in at 92 hours. Definitely the longest level I have ever played.

The Bad

To sit down and tell someone that I played 92 hours of game within 2 weeks was quite a new experience for me. Also, as new as an experience as being stuck on the same boss for 3 days in the same game!

The old turn based system is somewhat critisized by gamers and new gamers all over the world, and, is also praised by gamers all over the world too. "To each his own" as the saying goes! Some down-sides to this game are the long cut scenes you can't skip just before you go fight that same boss again (I know plenty of people who have gotten stuck on a boss in 'Final Fantasy X' for 7 days!) 'Final Fantasy X-2' will be released soon! It is a remake of this game with better graphics and more costumes etc.. But, I always rate things as a first hand experience. I experienced this game first and was very impressed by its style, scale and boundless energy it has. I only hope that the next in the series will have an option to skip cut scenes. This game is a great one! I will always keep it and play it again. But if you only play games for about 30 minutes a time, expect to be playing this for a very long time!

The Bottom Line

Its is a turn-based strategy/role playing game (RPG) with an intense, deeply involving structure with fabulous characters and buckets of gameplay. I got a little annoyed with the old 'random battle system', which is basically- you guide your character in a jungle, for example, and random enemies engage you in a duel.. even happening again directly after you win the battle.

As that is the best way to upgrade your characters abilties etc, this is a vital part of the game, but, it does get annoying when you dont really fancy a fight!

'Final Fantasy X' is definitely the best of the series, there are totally new features in this which set it apart from the others, such as, a sphere grid character upgrade system and character voice-overs!

I love the plot, the characters, the world you explore. You will genuinely miss the characters you have just spent the best part of 4 whole days with, and, there are cool religious meanings in this which keep you guessing. This game is definitely an epic one, this is what RPG's are all about!