Written by  :  Chris Parent (5)
Written on  :  Nov 09, 2004

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This game is over-rated garbage!

The Good

Gorgeous eye-candy as always. Square does visuals very well, as the games, FF the (disappointingly lame) movie, and FF7 Advent Children prove. The setting was interesting. That aside...

The Bad

Where to begin? The dialogue and voice acting were terrible (ie. "You will hurt no one!") ! The main character Tidus is a lame, watered down Cloud Strife. There really isn't enough to do, since the game is mostly cutscenes. The music is the worst Uematsu has ever written, especially the lame battle music. Blitzball sucked my ass! It was so tedious and pointless. And Wakka! What a lame-o character with his stupid Jamaican (Jar-Jar like) accent! And that horrid scene where whats-her-nuts tries to get our hero to laugh... AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. I cringe just thinking about it! I hope the titles after this one are much better, because otherwise I won't be bothering with the FF-series any longer. KOTOR was much, much better in every respect! The voice-acting in that was brilliant, the dialogue well-written and the music cool! Take a hint, you people at Square. Seems the North Americans are beating you at your own game!

The Bottom Line

Basically an overlong, interactive movie. There are more cutscenes here than gameplay it seems. Nice graphics and not much else really...