Written by  :  Gemmalah (7)
Written on  :  Oct 28, 2003
Rating  :  3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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A game that never ends (like we want it to)

The Good

1. Graphics, I nearly fainted when I saw this, a world away from the cartoon style of FF IX (9).
2. Side quests, in all Final Fantasy games it would not be complete without free roam of the map to explore and find hidden treasures.
3. Battle tutorials, I like to make the characters argue by dong the wrong thing. Lulu gets miffed easily.
4. The sphere grid system, this way you can power up your characters any way you want, it's great. (tip: send all through Auron's bit, there are more strength increase spheres than you can shake a stick at)
5. They talk, yay no more reading though loads of text, that's what put me off FF8, though they do go on a bit.
6. Changing characters in the middle of battle, I love this feature, it allows nearly dead characters to be replaced with fresh characters, or to put a weak one out first, replace with stronger one but they still get experience points.

The Bad

1. Hours and hours of gameplay, but when you save and come back and can't remember where you are there are few hints.
2. They play a ball game underwater, I hate it with vengeance, It's called Blitzball. But it's the only way to get secret items, you only need to play one match in the storyline though. The control is horrible to get to grips with.
3. Nothing else.

The Bottom Line

Classic RPG adventure thrills, spills, laughs and a bit of romance. Battling is fun. Collecting translations orbs is great so by the end of the game you understand Al Bhed, the funny in-game language.