Final Fantasy XII Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen is an overlay on top of the intro movie
Meet the cast: Ashe, Fran and Penelo
Balthier, Vaan and Basch
Main menu
Character status screen along with buffs and ailments
Optimize (equipment) isn't always the best choice
Each character must obtain a license before any equipment or magic could be used
License grid: bird-eye view
Gambits are mini-programs: conditions are displayed
World map with some of the places you'll visit
Ammunition list
Bestiary is in Clan Primer
Baddie description in bestiary
Sky Pirate's Den, or Final Fantasy XII achievements
Some shopping
Welcome to the world of Ivalice
Lively city of Rabanastre
The Viera village of Eruit
Some baddies are not aggressive and would not attack you on sight
When an Esper is called summoner remains in battle to fight along it
Esper's final attack
A mysterious shrine with a partial view of the outside world. My all-girl party is well-prepared with beneficial status effects
Icy plains. Take a look at this menu of the Green Magic - lots of spells to learn and choose from!
No, there is no graphical error here. It's just that I've cast an invisibility spell on the party! The Egyptian-style statues seem confused by this
My all-boy party battles the recurrent Final Fantasy boss - Gilgamesh and his sidekick Enkidu, both from the ancient Sumerian epic. Looks like I don't fare too well...
Beautiful weather effects in those fields!
The bustling city of Archades. It is really big, with several districts comprising a monumental whole
It's raining over the temple of Bur-Omisace. Spectacular view!
You can zoom out pretty far for a more tactical view. Here, the screen quickly gets busy during a battle against a boss and his henchmen
Exploring a mysterious forest. This is a very... cute "overseer", don't you think?..
Entrance to Port Balfonheim. Chocobos are there! This is still Final Fantasy, people!
Fighting mid-level regular enemies in the plains. Battles seem chaotic, but are actually more tactically deep than ever before in the series
Pre-rendered animations are still present in this game! And they are gorgeous. Look at this depiction of a beautiful festival in Rabanastre
One of the higher-level dungeons. Note the cool equipment visible on the characters. Also note we have four people in the party now
Nice... effects. No, seriously, take a look at those reflections
Overlooking a peaceful mountain camp
Some dungeons have an abstract sci-fi look
Poor district of Archades
One of the central districts of the game's biggest city. Cool tall buildings are ahead
Shops are at times exquisitely decorated
Another day, another tower to climb!
Lowtown in Rabanastre. Note the different races populating the world
Zertinan caverns is a huge optional dungeon. Here you fight some moderate enemies

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