Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone (PlayStation 2)

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Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone Credits

Demon Stone

Story by:R. A. Salvatore
Screenplay:Robert Goodman
Featuring the voices of:Patrick Stewart (Khelhen ), Michael Clarke Duncan (Ygorl)

Stormfront Studios

ProducerAlyssa Finley
Audio DirectorAndrew Boyd
Design DirectorJ. Epps
Technical DirectorHai-Ping Kenneth Chao
Sr. ProducerSarah W. Stocker
Art ManagerSarah W. Stocker
Stormfront Studios Technical DirectorMark Danks
Art DirectionDevin St. Clair, John Kleber, Jeff Weir

Stormfront Studios - Art Team

Character ConceptsMichael Drake, Colin Fix, Matt Gaser, Jeffrey Dean Murchie, Arnold Ayala, T. J. Phan, Sergio Lobato, Ben Wanat
Environment Concepts Michael Drake, Matt Gaser
StoryboardsColin Fix
Characters Lead AnimatorJeff Weir
Characters AnimatorsAmrit Bajwa, Jeff Cooperman, Richard Gimbel, David House, Michelle Meeker, T. J. Phan, Christopher W. Turner, Alex Whitney, Terry Bannon
Character ModelingWilliam Harper, Arnold Ayala, Rie Mukai
Additional Character ModelingJ. R. Jones, Cheryl Austin
Liquid DevelopmentKrysalide
Lead Cinematic ArtistBill Boyer
Cinematic TeamColin Fix, Peter Tsaykel, Michael Drake
Lead Environment ArtistsDevin St. Clair, Martin Servante
Environment ArtistsMick Buckmiller, Marina Goldberg, Kurt Klockau, Jed Melnik
Additional Environment ArtRobert Clarke, Daniela Tomicic, Matt Small
Prop ArtistsJames Larsen, Olga Chudnovsky
InterfaceJohn Kleber, James Larsen
Particle EffectsBryan Erck, Jeff Weir

Stormfront Studios - Audio Team

Music CompositionRobb Mills
Sound DesignChristopher Hegstrom, Robb Mills, Andrew Boyd
Additional Sound DesignRipe Sound, Andy Newell, Bill Rudolph

Stormfront Studios - Design Team

Lead DesignerChristopher Porter
Level DesignersJerry Darcy, Josh Rose, Eric Luther, David Dienstbier
Additional DesignMike Hurst

Stormfront Studios - Engineering Team

Lead ProgrammersRalf Knoesel, Steve Kojder
ProgrammersLee Adams, David Farrell, Dominick Fosco, Paul Melamed
Additional ProgrammingRodney Huff, David Yee, Steve Mariotti, Ewen Vowels

Stormfront Studios - Production Team

Assistant ProducersJason Abulencia, Jefferson Thomas
Additional Production SupportStuart Moulder, Hudson Piehl
Business DevelopmentRobert Wallace
Executive in Charge of ProductionDon L. Daglow

Stormfront Studios - Writing Team

Content CoordinatorSarah W. Stocker
In‑game DialogJerry Darcy, Robert Goodman
Additional Story DevelopmentJerry Darcy, J. Epps, Robert Goodman
Githyanki Language TranslationJerry Darcy

Stormfront Studios - Thanks

Special ThanksMike Williams, Steve Borstead, Richard Calenius, Marta Daglow, Genevieve Gamboa, Helen Phippen, George Bonnin, Katie Kelly, Jaia Sun-Childers, Jeanne Young, Tony La Russa, Tim Larkin, Stan Roach, Mark C. Stevens, Seth Willenson, Michael Leary, Baldwin Lee
Additional Special ThanksMolly, Amanda, Marc, Madeline, To Cheryl and my “Fam.”, For Max: “SwordFIGHT!”, Cal, Barb, Julie Adams, Heather Pie, Roxie Dog, Sarah, Chloe, Bastion, Heather, Nathan, Genevieve, To Cindy, Justin, Julia, NMRK, Audrey and the Tea House Crowd, Steven Young (Dr.), Pomona College, Mom, Dad, Trinh, Hai‑Ou and Hai‑Yuen, To Sean and Joe for use of their living room, My new Mom and Dad, thanks for the Wedding, Brittny Phan, Thanh Ly, Andrew Lieberman, To my Mom and Brother for their love and support, My wife Kate and son James for infinite patience, Marta, Michael and Christopher for sticking with me, Thanks to my family whose support made it all possible, Katie and Maclean (thanks for loaning me Editing Monkey), Soopa‑Bons, Joobee, Camalama, O‑dog, and da big M. D., Mistress Pozner - for the times you were here and I wasn't, Many thanks to my family and especially my wife, Cindi Servante, To my Fam Greg, Sandy & Chad for giving me the inspiration!, Gabrielle O'Connell, Peter Kojder, Paul Kojder, Tyler Newell, Team Delirium: Marloon, The Cavanator, Jakaroo, Jeremiah, The Vu Dogg, Parrish, Sharai, To Iish and Tracy who are always there for me and to Genevieve who has Manga hair, Tami for all her support and My parents - because without them Tami would have no one to support, Mum, Dad, Sandeep Bajwa, Sharan Bajwa, Harinder Bajwa, Gujinder Bajwa, Manchester United, Annie, Mom, Xander, Shrunkenheadmen everywhere, to my friends/mentors in the ILM Art Department, To the little environment team that could - from the conceptual genius to the brilliant renditions - my sincerest thanks and deepest respect, thanks for hanging tough and delivering

Atari Europe

Senior VP of International OperationsJean-Marcel Nicolaï

Atari Europe - Republishing Team

Republishing DirectorRebecka Pernered
Republishing Team LeaderSébastien Chaudat
Republishing ProducerSébastien Aprikian
Localisation Team LeaderLudovic Bony
Localisation Project ManagerFranck Genty
Localisation Technical ConsultantOlivier Caudrelier
Printed Materials Team LeaderCaroline Fauchille
Printed Materials Project ManagerMarie Sliwa
Copy WriterVincent Hattenberger
MAM Project managerJenny Clark

Atari Europe - Manufacturing / Supply Chain

Director Supply ChainAlain Fourcaud
Manufacturing CoordinatorsDelphine Doncieux, Fanny Giroud, Mike Shaw, Jean Grenouiller

Atari Europe - Quality Assurance Team

Quality DirectorLewis Glover
Qualify Control Project ManagerBruno Trubia
Quality Control &Certification Project ManagerLisa Gaillard
Product Planning Project ManagerPierre Marc Bissay
Engineering Services ManagerPhilippe Louvet
Engineering Services ExpertStéphane Entéric, Emeric Polin

Atari Europe - Marketing Team

European Marketing Senior VPMartin Spiess
European Croup Marketing ManagerCyril Voiron
European Brand ManagerLisa Humphries
European Communications ManagerJohn Tyrrell
European Web ManagerRenaud Marin

Atari Europe - Local Marketing Team

UK ‑ Product ManagerCharlotte Brown
France ‑ Product ManagerAlexandre Enklaar
Germany ‑ Product ManagerStephan Pietsch
Italy ‑ Product ManagerAndrea Loiudice
Spain ‑ Product ManagerCarlos Sacristan
Portugal ‑ Product ManagerJoanna Teixeira
Benelux ‑ Product ManagerJohan De Windt
Nordic ‑ Product ManagerNikke Lindner
Switzerland - Product ManagerSimon Stratton
Australia ‑ Product ManagerWilliam Ng
Asia Pacific - Product ManagerSimon Slee
Greece ‑ Product ManagerVaggelis Karvounis
Israel ‑ Product ManagerNoam Weisberg

Atari Europe - Thanks

Special thanks toRelQ, Satish Lund, ACE, Petrol, Babel, Mona Quintanilla, KBP, Synthesis, Davide Solbiati, Carlos Lacasa
Special Thanks to Hasbro and Wizards of the CoastTed Stark, Rich Redman, Patti Roakes, Ellen Guilfoyle, Sally Barreira-Gomes, Charles Ryan, Liz Schuh, Barbara Dawson, Lezlie Samuel, Peter Archer, Mary Elizabeth Allen

Soundelux DMG

Voice-Over Casting and RecordingSoundelux Design Music Group
Voice‑Over Business ManagerAmanda Wyatt
Voice‑Over CoordinatorJacquie Shriver
Production AssistantJustin Langley
DirectorKris Zimmerman Salter
Additional Directing byGordon Hunt
Recording EngineersElliot Anders, Ethan Allan

Soundelux DMG - Cast

ZhaiVanessa Marshall
DrizztRobin Atkin Downes
YgorlMichael Clarke Duncan
KhelbenPatrick Stewart
IlliusChristopher Nissley
RannckDaniel Riordan
CirekaB. J. Ward
Female Elf 1Vanessa Marshall
Female Elf 2B. J. Ward
Male Elf 1 and 2Robin Atkin Downes
Elven VillagerVanessa Marshall
Elven WarriorRobin Atkin Downes
ThibbledorfJohn DiMaggio
Troll KingJohn DiMaggio

Soundelux DMG - Music

Music ContractordeRoche Music, Inc.
OrchestrationAndrew Kinney, Larry Kenton
Music Performed bythe Northwest
Conducted byLarry Kenton
Recorded atStudio X, Seattle, Wash.
OrchestraLinda Anderson (Violin), Steve Bryant (Violin), Tom Dziekonski (Violin), Gennady Filimonov (Violin), Ingrid Frederickson (Violin), Adrianna Hulsher (Violin), Simon James (Violin), John Kim (Violin), Michael Miropolsky (Violin), Kwon Bin Park (Violin), Ron Patterson (Violin), John Pilskog (Violin), Rebecca Reed (Violin), Hye Kyung Seo (Violin), Mischa Schmidt (Violin), Chien Tan (Violin), Kyung Sun Chee (Violin), Susan J. Bryant (Viola), Scott Ligocki (Viola), Roxanna Patterson (Viola), Laura Renz (Viola), Lee Duckies (Cello), Virginia Dziekonski (Cello), Chuck Jacot (Cello), Kevin Krentz (Cello), Zoltan Rozsnyai (Cello), Olga Ruvinov (Cello), David Sabee (Cello), Mory Clubb (Bass), Todd Larson (Bass), Ben Musa (Bass), Bucll Nicdlinger (Bass), Margaret Storer (Bass), Erin Overton James (Flute), Beth Orsen (Oboe/English Horn), Shannon Spicciati (Oboe/English Horn), Shuan Osborn (Clarinet), Mike Gamberg (Bassoon), Francine Peterson (Bassoon), Joseph Berger (Horn), Rodger Burnett (Horn), Oliver DeClurq (Horn), Jeff Fair (Horn), Mark Robbins (Horn), Russell Campbell (Trumpet), Vince Green (Trumpet), Alan Vizzutti (Trumpet), Phil Brown (Trombone), Gordon Cherry (Trombone), Doug Sparks (Trombone), Keith Winkle (Trombone), Ellis Wea (Tuba), Gunnar Folsom (Percussion), Matthew Kocmieroski (Percussion), Tony Phillips (Percussion), Rob Tucker (Percussion)
VocalsVocal samples courtesy of Specirasonics' “Symphony of Voices”

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