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Formula One 2002 (PlayStation 2)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Formula One 2002 Credits


Studio Manager / Executive ProducerClemens Wangerin
Head ProducerPhil Quirke-Webster
Associate ProducerMartin Harrow
Programming ManagerJason Chown
Lead ProgrammerJohn Young
Programming TeamRichard Byron, Tom Cooper, Giles Evans-Pritchard, Nicola Ferruzzi, Colin Neilens, James Ogden, Graeme Thornton, Darren Wood
Additional ProgrammingDave Burrows, Cédrick Collomb, Lee Hammerton, Davide Pirola
Lead ArtistJohn Eggleton
Art TeamDean Ashley, John Dwyer, Gavin Fitzgerald, Simon James, Jon Kendrew, John Machin, Gareth Molan, Andrew Phelan, Mark Stokle, Jay Weston
DesignDevelopment Team
Additional DesignChris Grannell
European Product ManagerGraham Brown
Studio Communications ManagerNino Ceraolo
In Game MusicGary McKill
Sound EngineerMichael De Belle
FMV Creative SpecialistNick Beedles
Formula One ManagementLaura McNamara
Manual and Packaging DesignRichard Turner
Manual and Packaging TextRussell Coburn
Manual ApprovalStephen Griffiths, Brian Goulbourn
QA ManagerGeoff Rens
Internal QA ManagerDavid Parkinson
QA SupervisorPaul Tweedle
Lead TesterAndrew Durney
TestersLee O'Connor, Wayne Smith, Mark Slade, Shawn Burrows, James McLaughlin, Robert Sutton, Anthony Gill, Graham Foxhall, Chris Cubbin, Barclay Christmas, Gary Lightfoot
Localisation ManagerVanessa Wood
Localisation Co‑ordinatorGaëlle Leysour
Localisation Lead TesterSandra Raue
Localisation Testing FrenchGaëlle Grenapin, Yannick Paulet, William Kandot, Nadège Josa
Localisation Testing GermanDeniz Ulu, Nadine Martin, Katharina Tropf
Localisation Testing ItalianMonica Dalla Valle, Domenico Visone, Sacha Fellica, Giacinto Attanasio
Localisation Testing SpanishMonica Bello, Virginia Martín, José M. Flores, Yolanda Akil
Grand Prix Postcards DesignChrysalis Creative
PhotographerMichael Joseph (Impact)
Make‑up ArtistsLisa Crute, Jenny Vallance (Impact)
ModelsTida Karoui, Karlie Cavanagh, Suzie Wong, Chi Chi Nwbuko, Sharon Simons, Natalie Eriya, Melanie Booth, Beverley Daniels
Thanks toWill White

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Credits for this game were contributed by Cedrick Collomb (382)