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GamersMark (Aug 24, 2002)
Another hit for EA Big, Freekstyle is good enough to keep motocross fans or "extreme" fans satisfied with their purchase. The game takes a bit of time to comepletely beat, but afterwards unless you’re just an insane fan there isnt much reason to return. The multiplayer is as good if not better than the single player game. A great game, lets just hope the sequel has a bit more tricks.
GamePro (US) (Jun 17, 2002)
The game positively flies by with smooth character animation and absolutely no slowdown. Motion blur is used judiciously during Freekouts, and you’ll see some nice glass and fire effects. The soundtrack features the kind of amped-up heavy metal you might expect, the opponent A.I. is quite good, and the controls prove flexible but solid. Sure, you can call it "SSX on dirt" and that’s not an insult. The games share a go-for-it attitude and an instant accessibility that most other games lack. It’s fantasy fun, pure and simple.
Game Vortex (Dec 07, 2002)
Despite its difficulty, EA's Freekstyle is, again, probably the best Xtreme game on the market and anyone into MX games needs to check this one out. You may WILL become very frustrated with the game, but when you finally pull off the perfect victory, your elation will push the frustration out of your mind in a heartbeat. Had Freekstyle not had such shifty AI, I could have honestly given the game a perfect score. As it were, however, younger gamers (despite the 'E' rating) will almost certainly not be able to get very far in the game, making Freekstyle only playable for a select number of skilled players.
PSX Extreme (Jun 20, 2002)
Freekstyle is polished, attitude-packed, and exhilarating. Tip your hats off to Page 44 Studios and EA BIG for a job well done. The multiple differences help it to stray away from BIG's other racers, too, but the game's engine is still beginning to run its time rather rapidly. Those who've had their fill of this formula may want to look elsewhere. Believe it or not, though, Freekstyle is one hell of a game. Whether you're a fan of the motocross sport, a fan of tricks, or just one of the racing genre in general, Freekstyle delivers.
Netjak (Sep 13, 2002)
Freekstyle basically plugs in the same formula but despite it unyielding faults at times it still creates some high-octane fun that definitely gives you a rush of speed that unlikely many of the motor cross games out there.
IGN (Jun 17, 2002)
While the gameplay is nothing new, Freekstyle delivers a fun, fast racing experience that flies in the face of most other motocross games. It's got tight control, serious speed and a cool tattoo and leather feel. Bottom line, if you like arcade-style racing or SSX, you'll like this game. Anyone sick of these kind of games need not apply.
81 (Aug 21, 2002)
Technisch und spielerisch ist Freekstyle absolut in der Lage, mit der Konkurrenz mitzuhalten. Die Grafik ist im Großen und Ganzen in Ordnung und lebt hauptsächlich von der Geschwindigkeit und der Größe der Levels. Auch die Steuerung und Präsentation sind gewohnt gut. Doch hier haben wir schon das Problem: „gewohnt“. Wer SSX Tricky oder Sledstorm gespielt hat, weiß haargenau was auf ihn zukommt. Doch da sich der Schwierigkeitsgrad von Freekstyle rasant nach oben schraubt, kommen nur Pad-Profis voll und ganz auf ihre Kosten. Und für Gelegenheitsspieler sind die Multiplayer-Modi nicht ausgefeilt genug. Unter dem Strich bietet der EA Big-Abstecher auf schmutzige Zweiräder qualitativ gute Kost, die aber an der Ähnlichkeit zu den Cousins aus gleichem Hause krankt.
80 (Aug 13, 2002)
Despite its flaws in Freekstyle it is still a great game and loads of fun to play. Its difficult learning curve will test any player and it can be daunting at times. If your after a quick hit of fun its probably not for you, but at least rent it for a night because you might like it all the same with those great two player modes. This is EA Sports Big first time out on the dirty stuff and it is definitely a good start with some room for improvement.
80 (Oct 08, 2002)
Freekstyle est un excellent défouloir pour qui aime les motos et les sensations fortes. D'une qualité technique très appréciable et d'un fun indéniable, on ne peut qu'accrocher à ce titre en dépit de son relatif manque d'originalité.
EA Big is just full of surprises. First they come out of no where to deliver arguably the best launch game for the PS2. Now, they put tons of effort into making everything in Freekstyle perfect, only to let something as dumb as rubber band AI destroy it all. If you like extreme sports games or racing games you might want to rent first. The difficulty level isn't for everybody.
Gameplanet (Aug 26, 2002)
I'd have to say that even if you already own Sled Storm and SSX, there is still enough within Freekstyle to make it worth adding to the software collection. It certainly won't appeal to everyone, and those who are searching for the ultimate in motocross simulations will need to move on and look elsewhere. If you're after an extremely fast arcade racer which relies almost as much on doing tricks as blinding speed, then Freekstyle should be right up your alley. Let's hope the EA Big team can continue their reputation as quality game designers and possibly improve on this game in any further motocross titles they may create in the near future.
GameSpot (Jun 20, 2002)
Sporting an excellent sense of speed and tight controls, Freekstyle is undeniably fun. But its awkward learning curve and sinister AI will test the mettle of even the most ardent players. For those who buy Freekstyle, its daunting challenge will certainly increase its staying power, but those looking for quick-hit fun from a rental will find the surprisingly addictive multiplayer modes to be their best bet. While it's not the motocross equivalent of SSX, EA Sports Big's first excursion on dirt is worth a look for those who enjoy a stiff challenge.
76 (Aug 14, 2002)
Mit Freekstyle geht den bisher launigen EA Big-Titel so langsam die Puste aus. Kaum Innovationen, zuweilen unfaire und langweilige Strecken und der unverständliche Verzicht auf einige Optionen wie DTS- und 16:9-Unterstützung bringen den Motocross-Ableger nach SSX Tricky und Sled Storm nur auf den Bronzeplatz. Dennoch ist Freekstyle beleibe kein schlechtes Game; es macht einfach Spaß abgedrehte Stunts mit den Motocross-Maschinen hinzulegen. Aufgrund des überzogenen Schwierigkeitsgrades werden jedoch nur Profis die Muße haben, das Spiel komplett durchzuzocken.
76 (Aug 26, 2002)
Freekstyle is a fun game which is heavily modelled on the SSX games. Why shouldn't it be following their success. Well the answer is that this game feels like SSX on wheels. The graphics and sound are also a little worse as well. Freekstyle should still impress motorbike fans.
Game Revolution (Jun 01, 2002)
Overall, Freekstyle is a fun, difficult racer deeply entrenched in the SSX vein. It does what it does well, though it's not much of a departure. If you can get past the moments of frustration, it's a worthwhile ride.
Games Master (Aug, 2002)
It’d be easy to accuse Freekstyle of just being SSXwith bikes, but the fact is, it’s nothing like snowboarding in the least and is an exciting and original experience in its own right. Imagine a turbocharged Dave Mirra with a bit more grime and dust and you’re pretty much there. So when you feel the need for speed, take our word for it — this is fast, filthy fun. And in case you need more proof of how ‘Big’ Freekstyle is, consider this: there’s no brake button!
72 (Jan 03, 2002)
Freekstyle setzt sehr auf einen gewissen Stil - New Metal würden es wohl einige nennen - und wem das nicht zusagt, wird vom Spiel gleich ein ganzes Stück weniger begeistert sein. Spielerisch überzeugen kann Freekstyle nicht, dazu fehlt dem Spiel einfach eine gewisse Individualität. Kennt man SSX, kennt man Sledstorm, kennt man dieses Spiel. Freekstyle bietet so gut wie nichts um sich von anderen Spielen dieser Art abzuheben - und das beinhaltet auch und besonders die Spiele der EA-Big Serie. Mässig spannende Rundfahrten mit vielen Sprungeinlagen, den mittlerweile abgelutschten Tricks und einem gesonderten Stuntmodus. Fans der EA-BIG Reihe können einen Blick riskieren, ansonsten kann man sich das anfürsich alte Spiel im neuen Gewand sparen.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Aug 20, 2002)
Sadly when the nice game menu graphics fade away and the game begins, we are not met with such a spectacle. Sure the courses have scale, but sadly lack detail. Textures are blurry and the detail on the characters is awful â“ animation is shaky and your character often gets stuck into the wall for a few seconds â“ a heavy price the developers paid for such open levels.
60 (UK) (Aug 23, 2002)
You could do a lot worse than to buy FreekStyle, as it continues the trend of introducing BIG's successful formula to other means of transportation with varying degrees of success. But it's more Sled Storm than SSX Tricky, suffering from too much repetition and a challenge that hops the fence of reason and squirms in muddy trackside puddles of unfairness, linking arms with collision detection that augments frustration rather than adjudicating fairly. By no means a bad game, FreekStyle just needs rearranging, some extra polish, and a bit more effort under the bonnet. As it is, it's mostly talk, and it sounds like that kid with a board who hassled you for money as you walked to the station yesterday.
GameSpy (Jul 16, 2002)
It's a testament to the addictive nature of Freekstyle that I continued to play the game despite its obvious shortcomings. The controls are tight, the tricks are killer, the tracks are insane, and sweet Leeann is a sight to behold. However, it's definitely time for EA to improve the Big formula -- I know just where they should start.