The Getaway Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Beginning credits and intro.
Main Menu
Loading Screen
This game is all about a very in depth movie-like story, so you better pay attention to the cut scenes.
Follow the vehicle's turn signals through the streets of London to get to your destination.
Thanks for the new ride!
Look both ways before you cross the street, oncoming traffic won't always be merciful.
"I just want my kid back!"
"F**king Charlie."
Move it or lose it buddy.
No ammo meter, health meter, or maps. This games strives for realism.
Whoops, sorry officer.
The police can really get on your nerves fast.
No, you're not done yet. Charlie will make you do more jobs to get your son back.
Quietly whack someone from behind to avoid attention.
A pistol whip to the face should keep him from bothering you.
Lean up against a wall for a rest to regain your health.
Mark can barrel roll on the ground to avoid gunshots and oncoming traffic.
Putting your back against the wall can allow you to sneak up on an enemy or provide a way to get around various obstacles.
When your back is against a wall, you can also pop out and surprise enemies.
Mark is slow going up stairs, so enemies are always ready to attack before you get to the top.
Watch out for mustard gas!
The vehicles are real, like this Lexus IS300.
Once you are finished with Mark's missions, you play the game in Frank's shoes.
No more police chases across town; with Frank you are the police.
Frank is an ornery looking fellow.
There are also unmarked police vehicles.
A fire in one of the buildings.
Since the police are on your side now, take advantage of them while they fight and arrest enemies.
Frank driving truck.