Gitaroo Man Ad Blurbs (PlayStation 2)

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Advertising Blurbs

THQ UK website - PlayStation 2:
    An entirely new type of music entertainment game – an action game based on music! Amidst the battle with the Gravillian family, the only thing standing between the people and certain doom is a young boy and his "Gitaroo" Music, the weapon of choice! Stunning high-quality graphics draw the player deep into a world where music is everything and the beat will set him free

    A new style of musical rhythm game! Keeping with the rhythm, shoot, duck and dodge your way to victory!

    Even for the tone-deaf! The game is geared to all comers to experience the fun of rock, the groove or reggae and other great music types!

    Musical death matches and harmonising team play for up to 4 players

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Aug 26, 2004.

Back of Box:
    Music tames the savage beast...
    An entirely new type of music entertainment.

    Play as the legendary Gitaroo Man and save the planet from the clutches of the evil Gravillian family!

    10 colorfully unique stages, each with its own music including reggae, rock, hip-hop, slow jams, techno, and more!

    Musical deathmatches and Harmonizing Co-op play for up to 4-players!

    The Gitaroo is the weapon! Keep the rhythm as you defeat enemies using extended guitar solos!

    "Simply put, Gitaroo Man is one of the most entertaining titles yet in the rhythm - action genre." - Next Gen

    "Easy to pick up, difficult to master, and mad fun." - Animerica

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69437) on Nov 05, 2002.