Gitaroo Man Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

A bit of the intro. Meet your backup band!
Title screen.
Puma tries to cheer up U-1 with some training.
The training mode teaches you the game mechanics right before the true game starts.
Oh no! A... demon... satyr... thing with a diaper wants to kill you!
Our hero, ladies and gentlemen!
You recover energy during the Charge portions of the stage. You'll need all you can get!
You have to press the corresponding button as it reaches the center of the screen to evade enemy attacks.
The better your attacks, the more energy the enemy will lose!
Don't forget, miss any attacks and you'll lose power too!
U-1 defeated Panpeus and won a Gitaroo!
The game grades you depending on how well you did. Most of your score comes from this grade.
You'll earn items for the collection if you get a good grade.
Later stages make things harder by making the motions much more complicated.
You can watch any movies you've seen during gameplay in the Theater section.
The Collection section starts out mostly empty, but you'll find new items and descriptions as you clear the game.
Now this is the weapon of choice!
The Collection section also houses character bios. Gee, U-1 doesn't exactly inspire... confidence, does he?