Written by  :  TwoDividedByZero (149)
Written on  :  Mar 29, 2010
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
Rating  :  3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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A game that had potential but didn't make the cut....

The Good

In GoldenEye: Rouge Agent,you are a MI6 agent working with James Bond. In the first level you infiltrate Goldfinger's Fort Knox. Your helicopter crashes into Fort Knox and somehow you manage to escape the helicopter but Bond stays in the helicopter. When you begin the actual level Bond is hanging on to the helicopters right wing. You try to save him but the helicopter falls and Bond comes to a brutal end. After this Goldfinger hires you to work for him. Your purpose, to kill Dr.No. No shoots your eye out and Scramanga gives you the goldeneye. As you progress through the game your eyes upgrades and can be used as a deadly weapon. The art in the game is beautiful and colorful. The sound quality is great(this is because THX helped in this game). Unique levels and the storyline is good. This game also had a great soundtrack. The soundtrack is all thanks to Paul Oakenfold.

The Bad

The enemies in this game were way to aggressive. This game was very hard in my opinion. The games levels are way to freaking long. There are only 8 levels in all but the levels are like an hour long. The makers of this game should have put way more guns in this game. You'll find your self using the Jackal 50. and P-90 all through the game. a larger weapon selection would make this game a whole lot better. Some times players will find themselves bored out of their skull trying to finish a level. I prefer you play the game on easy because this game could make you lose your mind on medium or hard mode.

The Bottom Line

This is a tragedy. GoldenEye: Rouge Agent had a lot more potential to be a great game. Due to the crappy ratings and reviews the sequel has been canceled. Lets hope in the future Electronic Arts can resurrect GoldenEye and make some adjustments. A kinda fun game overall. Good luck with this game......