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    While many of its old peers have had full 3D makeovers, Konami's longest-running shooter series continues to cling steadfastly to its 2D roots. But while the horizontal side-scrolling blasting action is as old school as it comes, the cutting edge graphics showcase the PlayStation 2's capabilities beautifully, with stunning backdrops, devastating new weapons and varied - not to mention very, very, very hard to kill - adversaries.


    Engaging relentless alien hordes from a side-on perspective is sure to bring a nostalgic tear to the eye of older gamers, but they'd best wipe it away quickly as the Gradius gameplay is as frantic and demanding as it ever was - possibly even more so. Seven intense stages of arcade-style blasting await, each manned by one of the notoriously resilient end-of-level bosses for which the Gradius series is loved and feared in equal measures.


  • Master five different weapon systems, each with a dozen upgradeable power-ups

  • New gameplay features, such as the 'Option Controls' system

  • Stunning backdrops and breathtaking special effects

    Contributed by Xoleras (66865) on Oct 29, 2004.