Gradius V Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Konami logo
Introduction: evil forces are arriving!
Introduction: some of the enemies you'll be fighting...
Title screen
Game title and menu screen
Select weapon style
Beginning the first level
Firing lasers at some large enemies
Don't get hit by the lasers of doom!
A brief cut scene provides you some rest before beginning the next level
Lasers and four multiples provides a lot of firepower!
Shoot the eye to destroy this thing
A familiar looking end of level boss...
A laser volley between you and a large enemy
Watch out for those guys sneaking up behind you...
Blowing some stuff up...
Being chased by laser fire!
Better find a place to hide from this mega-laser!
Avoid the green stuff - it's deadly
You need to blast yourself a path
Blasting through a solid wall...
Lasers are usually the weapon of choice for end of level bosses
Oh great, asteroids!!
Be careful in these narrow passageways
Whoa, lots and lots of bullets to dodge
Incoming lasers from every direction!
Blasting through a narrow passage...
Game over, enter your name in the high score table
Yes, that green stuff is very deadly!
Multiple large craft attacking at once