Written by  :  gozilla (76)
Written on  :  Sep 19, 2004
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Best racing game ever, but not without some flaws.

The Good

When this game was released it was without question on of the beautiful racing games ever seen on any console. Being the first Gran Turismo on the PS2, the graphics department is one area where this game certainly didn’t disappoint. The amount of details in each car was astonishing, and the little touches like glowing brake discs under heavy breaking was a nice inclusion. Engine sounds were great in this game, except the V8 engines (good news is that GT4 has some beaut V8 engine sounds).

The Bad

GT3 was a great game, and although it looked the best in the series, it really missed some features that the original one’s had. One set back was the lack of cars/variety of cars. There were 120+ cars in the game, but GT1 had about 150, and GT2 had 300+ cars, the 120 presented in GT3 did seem small. But the number wasn’t really the problem, it was the variety. For instance there is something like 6 different Mitubishi Lancers all practically the same.

Another drawback to the game was the sense of speed. Or lack of it actually. There are situations where you find yourself driving a car at 150+ and it feels like your just cursing around at 20kph.

But the biggest drawback to this game, in my opinion anyone, was the computer AI. The computer controlled cars were to too stupid and offered no challenge.

The Bottom Line

Even with it's flaws, this still is the best racing game (Until GT4 hits our shelves). This game (series of games) is the sole reason I ever bought a PS2 (and PSX/PSOne). The game still offered some of the most realistic handling and physics ever, without sacrificing playability too much. If you're a serious racing fan/car nut, go out and grab this game (should be budget priced now). Or you can just wait for GT4. (I have played GT4:Prologue. And it is great)