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Grand Prix Challenge Official Website:
    From the highly acclaimed team that brought you GP500 (PC) and Le Mans 24 Hours (Dreamcast) comes this years most exciting and exhilarating driving experience!

    22 officially FOA licensed cars with F1 sponsors, 17 Grand Prix tracks with 2002 season layouts.

    Unparalleled next-generation graphics running 22 cars at a constant 60 frames per second.

    Flexible levels of car handling: from arcade style to simulation.

    Highly competitive AI with 4 levels of difficulty.

    Real race weekend feel. Practice, Qualify, Warm up and Race.

    Watch Mode allows you to watch your opposition in action on the track during qualifying.

    Dynamic weather effects including variable strength rain, sunny to wet transitions, full on wet weather spray effects.

    Tyre wear and fuel use requiring good pit strategy.

    Interactive Pit Stop meter, allows you to gamble on a shorter stop.

    Real damage physics on wings and wheels. Limp back to the pits with a broken wing.

    Real-time adjustable Traction Control (TCS) to give you complete control of the car.

    The most complete and detailed F1 car models (more than 20,000 polygons per car with multipass effects) running on the most complete and detailed F1 tracks (more than 500,000 polygons per track) of the 2002 season.

    Contributed by Indra is stressed (20706) on Jun 25, 2003.