Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

You want a good time, honey?
The car's booby trapped! RUN!!!
You've got a nice collection, dude!
Doing 360's
Morning sun
I'm going for a ride
Trashed car
Title Screen
Main Menu - Controller settings - In vehicle setup
One of the loading screens
CJ can go over obstacles and grab on ledges to pull himself up on the roof
My homies are protecting me from the police
No worries, CJ can swim and dive now - his skills will improve when doing those activities
There are different brand clothes shops around the city
Gym is for getting more muscle and stamina
If you don't eat for a long time then you lose power
This barber can get you from bald to afro
There are many things that you can do to get more sex appeal, chicks and respect
San Andreas features games within game
I feel like i need to do some... killing
Crouching increases accuracy
Getting ready for drive-by
Friend in trouble, got to help him quick
Lowrider competition
Cinematics and character designs are improved little bit since Vice City
View is nice, weather could be better though
Remember to jump off the ledge or you may drop on lower terrace
It seems like i am on wrong turf and those sluts got mad because of little punch
It wasn't me, they accidentally dropped on my knife
I could skydive whole day from that building, nothing is more fun than that - remember to drop dead because then you don't have to wait for new parachute
Let CJ alone for 2-3 minutes and he will start checking girls' asses
Evening near the hospital, nice atmosphere
Tourist tip!: Another cool thing to do - get on the roof and watch how people act whole night in San Andreas