Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Loading Sscreen
Opening credits
Brought back to the streets of Vice City once again.
You are Victor Vance.
You are brothers with Lance Vance from the original Vice City and he is always getting you into trouble.
Everything 80's including vehicles.
Starting a fight with a gang to try and take over their business.
The gangs just won't give you their empire, you must run them out of it.
A high-roller smuggling business where you can do side missions to heighten your status.
The classic turismo checkpoint races are throughout the city.
A hovercraft race!
Vic can actually swim which comes in handy.
Driving a speedboat.
Fly a helicopter for quick tasks across the islands.
Helicopters are not the only aircraft available to fly.
Vic's luxurious pad in Vice Point
Ready for a burner.
This is why motorcyclists should wear helmets.
T-boning the police can get them a little riled up.
The police will do just about anything to get you to stop.
An ATV for tearing up some people's yards.
"Gimme that car!"
The usual drive-by.
This officer should have called in sick today.
Vic, messing around at the airport.
Undercover police car
Blowing vehicles up at dusk.
Time to take a trip to the hospital!